Wednesday 4 February 2015


Still chilly with frost.  Still extra covers on the bed.  Still glad of central heating although I'm wondering how expensive it is going to be this year.

Yesterday was a long one.  Awake before four, at school by seven thirty, staff meeting after school, but bed by half past eight.  The trouble is, waking before four means that I am at least three hours ahead of most sensible people so it's really half past eleven!  A long day and a bit stressful too!

Today I have my coordinator time, much needed, I am sad to say.  Hopefully I can get plenty done.

Breakfast today was going to be a bacon sarnie but I think I might go for scrambled egg on toast with some orange juice instead.  And coffee, of course.  The planning and resources are all ready so better go into the kitchen and get busy then!


  1. Scrambled eggs, yum one of my favourites even better with a little smoked salmon!!!!

  2. I have given up being concerned about fuel bills. Paying by DD and building up a surplus over the summer means no worries in winter. As the saying goes (morbidly) - they don't put pockets in shrouds. Jx

  3. I didn't have any smoked salmon, Diane, or I would have definitely had it. Love the stuff.
    Joan, it's not so much fun if you get into debt.
    J x

  4. I think worrying ought to turn out unnecessary. Having been on my pension since 2002, I know there are financial and a host of other advantages. I'm better off than when working. Jx