Wednesday 4 February 2015


Welcome to another freezing cold Wednesday.  A hard frost, a bright moon and a warm indoors.  I was wrong yesterday, we had a teeny bit of snow, an icing sugar shake of fine flakes that looked like frost but brushed off the windscreen without any need for applied heat.  Today it looks as if a good old scraping session will be needed.

(Edited at 7:15.  Where's the frost?  It's obviously warmed up several degrees in the last few hours!  No scraping needed)

I was nice and warm overnight though.  Before I got into bed, I grabbed the extra cover and spread it over the quilt.  It makes the covers slightly heavier than I would like but I was so tired yesterday evening that it didn't bother me and it certainly did the trick!  So I'm working downstairs, not in the bed.  It's not really a habit I would want to develop really (working in bed, I mean).

I looked for a web site for herbs and spices and found several.  I ordered from a likely looking one and - well, we will see, won't we?   I will recommend, if I can.  It will be nice to be using fresh spices again and I need to make a proper list of what I want and what I haven't really used.  Like anyone who is interested in cookery, I have a heap of herbs/spices that I bought for a one-off reason and haven't used since.  My spice shelf is full and needs some sorting out anyway so this is a golden opportunity.

The 'use up food and be frugal' thing still holds.  I find that if I get the next day's frozen stuff out the evening before, I will stick to it.  If I leave it until early morning I can find far too many excuses!  So yesterday evening I got out some soup (the cream of celery soup that I wrote about in Teacher's Recipes and it really is delicious - must make some more this weekend) and some pork and chick pea chilli and that's me set for today.
Having said that, when I retire it will be so nice to cook on the day for the day without feeling pressured and too weary to bother.

Well, I must stop.  I have to do a restart now that my anti-virus thingy has updated and, anyway, the coffee mug needs refilling.  See you tomorrow and have a great day.


  1. I'm trying to use up stuff and be frugal too... Unfortunately M isn't as flexible as me and makes it a little harder... I suppose I should see it as a challenge! Sadly I struggle to get the same satisfaction out of cooking with restrictions... I need an attitude adjustment!

  2. Cooking with restrictions must be a bit of a pain . . . I'd feel the same.
    J x