Sunday 29 December 2013


I had great plans for yesterday, very few of which came to fruition.  I did manage to finish sorting out the turkey, thank goodness, and now have pots of stock and bits and bobs to keep me going through January.
I also made some Christmas ice cream (recipe in Teacher's Recipes) which is very delicious.  The rest will get done today as I really MUST sort out the fridge.

After Mum and dad had gone, I just crashed.  Slept in the morning, slept in the afternoon, even fell asleep during a Poirot I hadn't seen before and then slept all through the night, waking much later that usual.  I must have needed it, for sure.

So today:
Beth and Alex are over so I need to make a dinner.  Shouldn't be too tricky.
Washing - before it takes the house over.
Ironing (over telly this evening)
Fridge (sort out, de-clutter, clean, etc)
Tidy kitchen and living room.  It doesn't take too long for me to get back into my usually slattern-ish ways!
Stay awake!

I think I will make a turkey and ham pie for Alex and me and I have something bought and vegetarian for Beth.  With it we will have red cabbage, roast potatoes and sprouts.  The Christmas ice cream will do for dessert and I still have some orange flavoured cream to go on the top.   Yum!

Breakfast is toast and pate (needs using up) and tea will be cream of turkey soup.  That should do!

And now I need to get started.

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