Friday 13 December 2013


Good morning!  It's very definitely not so cold this morning.  No fog, no frost, no shiver when I opened the door to take a peek.  A change from yesterday when the frost lasted in places until well into the morning and the mist/fog didn't lift all day.

I forgot to mention that after the last show on Wednesday evening, some of us went to a local pub for a meal together, and very nice it was too with lots of chatter and giggles.   A good way to end an experience.

Yesterday was very busy.  I wasn't in class as my SEN day had been swapped and that was good because it freed me up for other stuff.  I missed the pantomime because I went over to Morrisons with the choir as they needed another adult.  I've taken choirs over the road to sing at the supermarket in the past so it was lovely to do it again.  They were fantastic.  There's a lot of Y3s in the choir and they couldn't come, so numbers were down, but they sang the best I have ever heard them sing and shoppers were very appreciative.  There were tears in shoppers' eyes as the children sang traditional carols so sweetly, a bit of bopping as they sang up-tempo songs and they sang 'my' carol a capella and it sounded just lovely.

Then I managed to do a bit of sorting and organising, much needed, before lunch.  It the afternoon there was a bit of 'senior management' stuff and then I managed to do some assessments.

Today will feel weird.  For a start, it's years since I taught on a Friday as it's been my SEN day.  Secondly, it's Christmas Dinner Day which means morning lessons will finish much earlier as just about every child has a school dinner on Christmas Dinner Day.  We'll be doing mostly Christmas stuff and, hopefully, the children won't be as tired as they were yesterday.

And then it's the weekend - yay!


  1. "If you need something done ask a busy woman" I guess thats you

  2. :-) Me and all my colleagues!
    J x