Saturday 21 December 2013


Phew.  Got there!
Yesterday was enjoyable but very tiring, one way and another.  The children were very contented and happy with their toys that they had brought in, the remnants of Snow White and various handouts during the day.  Carols by Candlelight was good, although I swear a number of the infants fell asleep in the warmth and gloom (we have the blinds down and the lights off).  Then it was out for a short play before home time.

Then it was home and what a delight - the house was clean and sparkling.  Lenka had been and, as I had treated myself to two extra hours, she'd gone through the whole house, even to cleaning the inside windows.  I could feel the seasonal pressure lift as I went through the house.  Wonderful!  So I took the evening very easy again, a blessing for me because I was starting to feel ropey again and it made such a difference.   I'd had dinner at school so I just made myself some toast and that was more than enough.

I've had a wonderful night's sleep, despite a wakey spell in the middle.  I got back off to sleep again and woke just after half past six which, to me, it a really good lie in!

I have a whole list of tasks for the day, none of which is particularly onerous now the house is shiny-clean.  It doesn't include shopping as I am doing that in the depths of night on Monday morning.  I have my saved Nectar points and Sainsbury's is open overnight so it seems perfect.  Anything missing I can get from Morrisons later on.  I'm making my list and I'm having to fight the urge to put things on just because they are there!  It's one day - ONE DAY!!!  That's all!

In between times I will be resting, internet-ing and generally enjoying life.  I hope you have a good time planned too.

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