Saturday 7 December 2013


Oh, what a week.  I'm worn out and I think today will be a combination of housework and snoozes.  As previously mentioned, Thursday was a mixture of stress, delight and great pride.  Imagine your own composition (words and music) being sung in Westminster Cathedral and, to cap it all, accompanying it yourself.  It was sort of a dream come true and people have been telling me how much they loved it, which is so kind of them.  It's sort of inspiring me to add to my small repertoire of extremely simple and simplistic compositions by writing some more Christmas songs.   Christmas is a great season to write about.  Before I retire (whenever that will be) I would like to have written a complete show for the infants to perform.  Well, I can dream, can't I?

Yesterday was the Infant Show dress rehearsal which was watched by the juniors and it was really good.  In fact, the only real mishap was caused by me - ooops.  My excuse was that the late night before had left me weary and wan and somewhat distracted!!!  So there!!!

Yesterday evening was the school Christmas fair and we are so very lucky with our Friends of the School.  They organised an amazing experience and the queues to get in were way outside the front door.  Well done, one and all.  You are amazing!

Only ten more working days to go - where has the time gone?

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  1. Wow, this sounds AMAZING! many congratulations on the Westminster Abbey performance, what a fantastic feeling it must have been to hear your work being played at such a magnificent place! Lovely idea to write a whole Christmas play, too! You are a very gifted musician! :o)
    No surprise that you are tired, what a busy week but it sounds as if it has been a wonderful one, too - how lovely!
    Hope you are feeling better and can get some rest and relaxation today!

  2. I'm being thoroughly lazy - bad me. :-)
    J x