Thursday 5 December 2013


 . . . and here we are.  The first of the Big Days followed by four more Big Days with a weekend in the middle.

Today, of course, is Westminster Cathedral.  All jolly good fun except for one - no, two - bits.  We leave school at around 12:15, arrive at the cathedral at goodness knows what time and have a rehearsal.  Then we all pile back on the coach to go to a cinema (we have to pass the time somehow) after which it is back to the cathedral for the Carol Concert and the first bad bit (me on a keyboard).  Then it is back on the coach to arrive home probably just before midnight.  And that's the other bad bit because you know what I'm like with my evenings.  I'll probably be asleep before the end of the concert!
Borrowed from Google images
And then tomorrow is the next Big Day - the Infant show dress rehearsal.  Then  a weekend during which I don't really intend to do very much at all.  After that it is three Performances followed by a Collapse (maybe).

I shall be glad when it is all over!

Yesterday, however, was good.
I was observed in the morning.  It was my ICT lesson and it is one I have done for several years in varying forms so I knew it worked.  I didn't even have to 'fiddle' it into the planning; this week was when it was supposed to happen anyway.
OK, so I tweaked the planning.  Normally I don't record planning in such detail, relying on memory and experience to provide the details (although I do always think through each lesson very carefully), but when one is being observed there are things that need to be remembered and I made sure I would!
And I was very, very pleased with the final grade!  :-)

In the afternoon we had a second run through of the show and the only person who made any mistakes was me (blush).

I've just peeked outside and there's a heavy frost.  I guess I expected there would be as when I got home yesterday evening just before six the temperature was only 3 and the skies were clear.  I like frosts; they are pretty.

Better go and polish my shoes and iron the clothes I will be wearing today.  Heaven only knows what I will look like by the evening after a morning's teaching and an afternoon with a choir of 60, but never mind, what will be, will be!  And it will be an experience of a lifetime, won't it?

Please send me anti-nervous vibes . . .


  1. You will be fine but if you need good vibes please accept these.

  2. I shall be thinking of you, sending vibes and keeping everything crossed. Just look upon it as your usual circle of you and your singers, never mind the setting ... and enjoy!

  3. :-) I tried!!!
    I'm glad it is over!

    J x