Sunday 22 December 2013

Money, money, money

A short time ago, while I was in Staples looking for necessary stuff, I found a money jar.  It's quite big (about 16cm tall), made of glass with a technological lid that has a slot that you push coins through and it adds up how much you have put in and gives you the total on a display.
This picture comes from Amazon but it's the same apart form the lid colour - mine's black.
I nearly didn't get it - it wasn't cheap - but went back and put it in my trolley.  Since then I've been tidying and sorting out and finding piles of loose change all over the place, feeding them into the jar as I find them.  The lid now tells me I have nearly £14 in the jar.

I was wondering how I would use the coins but on Facebook someone said that they put the coins in the self service payment thingy.  Great idea.  I know that the big supermarkets have a loose change machine but that takes a percentage whereas this way it doesn't.  I just have to make sure I do this when the shop is nearly empty because I bet it will take time to feed the coins in.

Feeling frugal!


  1. We've been collecting 20p coins for years. They used to pay for part of our caravan holidays. After bagging them up, we'd pay them to the campsite owner. Now we bag them up and take them to the Post Office in a nearby village. John is always happy to take them from us. Jx

  2. Hi, Joan!
    It helps a lot, doesn't it?
    J x