Monday 2 December 2013


Second day of Advent.  The children will be so excited about opening the first and second parts of our Jacquie Lawson online calendar and I have a card for them too - an online, interactive card.

A great day yesterday.  After lunch, Beth and I talked about next year's holiday and we looked on the Center Parcs site and booked a midweek stay right at the end of July.  I'm so excited about it.

We went to Center Parcs a long time ago, several times.  Sherwood had just opened and we had the holiday of a lifetime.  It was such a new thing at the time and it was brilliant.  As we drove away the children were in tears and as soon as we got home I was straight on the phone to book another one.  Then Elveden opened and that was nearer so we had a few more breaks there before it all got a bit expensive and so on.  The children had holidays with their father and I stayed happily at home.

All the other times we went we stayed in a villa.  This time we've got rooms in the hotel and will be eating out each evening.  So exciting!

And now it is Monday and another week at school.  A very busy, hectic week too.  Wish me luck!

Earth grown old, yet still so green,
Deep beneath her crust of cold
Nurses fire unfelt, unseen:
Earth grown old.
We who live are quickly told:
Millions more lie hid between
Inner swathings of her fold.

When will fire break up her screen?
When will life burst thro' her mould?
Earth, earth, earth, thy cold is keen,
Earth grown old.

Christina Rosetti


  1. As you were writing this I was downloading and playing with the advent calendar.