Monday 23 December 2013


Really getting there.

Upstairs is almost completely ready although I might have a dust around before people arrive tomorrow.
The shopping is done (over-done, if truth be told) and everything that should be in the freezer is in the freezer.
Sainsburys was odd - hundreds of assistants busy stocking shelves, blocking the aisles (and very politely moving if I needed to get past), one open checkout and three shoppers - at least that's all I saw but there might have been a few more.
Getting such a large shop (I usually only shop for one) was very hard work and I'm worn out and ready to catch up with my sleep now, but I am just so thankful it's done and dusted.  Later on it will be an absolute nightmare, I reckon.

Something else that was odd was driving through such familiar streets in the dark.  The street lights go out at midnight and on again at five.  Everything looked so different and I had to concentrate very hard: not such a bad thing really!

The tree is up (many thanks to Alex and Beth) as is the nativity crib (ditto) and the house looks wonderfully festive.  That's why I like leaving it until the last sensible moment.  It's new, fresh and exciting, not something I've been looking at for weeks.

I need to create a 'cooking schedule' although really it is only a roast dinner.  We don't have starters, Thermione will cope with the custard with no hassle, Handy Andy will cope with the vegetarian option and with the pigs in blankets and the Christmas pud will heat slowly in the slow cooked throiughout the morning.

And I'm trying to be brave about the turkey which should arrive today!!  I was brought up knowing that turkey cooked long and slow and you had to get up at midnight to get it in the oven (only slight exaggeration).  However, Kelly recommends a quite different method and, Mum to the contrary, I am going to try it this year after resisting for the last goodness knows how many years.  Fingers crossed!

Now I am about to relax with a coffee and a mag and will likely go to sleep.  Nice for a Monday morning.


  1. Well done you it is a nice feeling when all is ready and you can relax. Do let us know how the turkey pans out as I think the long slow cooking has been responsible for lots of people hating turkey because it ended up like cardboard. It is no wonder people prefered the pigs in blankets and stuffing as between the dry bird and over cooked sprouts it could be a pretty dismal meal.

  2. Not very nice, I agree. I'll let you know - always providing I can convince mum that it's OK to do it that way.
    The sprouts should be lovely as they are from Beth's allotment. Ditto for the parsnips! Excellent!
    J x

  3. Our Sainsbury's Superstore doesn't open before 6, got there at 7 and it was heaving!! Managed to get the last TTD turkey crown (Kelly's Bronze) and even managed to get a packet of fresh dill (glad I asked for it as the box on the shelf was empty) All done now, got everything I wanted so can't complain!
    Have a wonderful Christmas! A xx

  4. Well done, Annabeth! It's a relief when it's done. A wonderful Christmas to you too!
    J x