Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Good morning!

Yesterday was a funny old day, a mixture of pleasant and not so pleasant.  The weather reflected this with sun, rain, calm and wind all chasing each other around the day.

Beth came over and we started trying to put our Christmas book together.  The first job was to choose a providor and, unfortunately, the first one we tried (which was the best value) turned out to be so inflexible and awkward to use that we really couldn't be bothered to push it through any longer.  We ended up with Vistaprint.  Not the cheapest but it worked for us.  We downloaded software which gave us so much flexibility and it was fun working through the pages.  We didn't get it finished but that's OK as it is all safely stored on my hard drive ready for the next time we can get together.

I now need to start another one - one that reflects the holidays we have spent at Streele Farm over the namy years.  That's going to be a bit more complicated but should be worth it.

Another thing that was up and down was the way I was feeling.  I think I'm fighting another virus.  Booooo.  Anyway, after finishing this I might go back up and see if I can get a bit more sleep, which might help.  Anyway, I kept falling asleep all evening despite some interesting telly.  Maybe I am just catching up!

I've realised I haven't posted any Christmas photos (or photos I took over last week) so over the next few days I will do that.  Here's the first!!

One of my lovely Christmas owls!

Finally, it is the end of the year.  In many ways it has been a good year for me and I'm grateful for that and for all the lovely (and, occasionally, not-so-lovely) people who make life so interesting.  I am particularly grateful to all of you who have stuck with my bloggy ramblings - you have my thanks and an encouragement to leave a comment now and again.  I'd love to hear from you.

Here's a card for you with my wishes for a Happy New Year for us all.  Just click on this link.


  1. And a very Happy New Year to you too! Great minds think alike as I was going to link to exactly this card on my blog: but in my case I do not know how to do a link and whatever i pressed and pasted did not work!Have fun with the book: I keep meaning to do the same as well.

  2. Is it a link that needs a right click rather than a left click? On Blogspot there's a linky icon and you have to highlight the text, click on the icon and then put the URL in the box that pops up . It's not just a copy and paste. Maybe there's something similar in the system you use.
    It's a lovely card, isn't it?
    J x