Tuesday 3 December 2013


Well, yesterday was quite a day.  It started off with me developing some sort of allergic reaction to something.  It's happened before - first the nose starts itching and there's a nasty 'grating' sort of feeling at the back of my mouth and down my throat.  Then I start sneezing.  Fortunately I recognise the itch for what it is and take some anti hay fever stuff which helps.

Yesterday I had quite a reaction and I do wish I knew what I react to.  I took some tablets but it carried on into school and just as my supply arrived I started sneezing and streaming - eyes and nose.  After a while the meds kicked in.
It was pretty horrid and, to be honest, really wiped me out for the rest of the day.  Not particularly pleasant for the supply either to have me in such a state while trying to explain the morning's work to her.

The rest of the day was OK though - a good dance practice where the children remembered the new parts of the dance, bless them.  I didn't get my PPA because the TA who takes my class went home ill, poor lady.  My colleagues are so lovely though - V did my playground duty and took my class afterwards so I could do what I had planned to do and take the actors into the hall for a rehearsal.

By the end of school I was worn out and came home early (five instead of six) and got a very early night.

Today will be better!


  1. Time to visit your GP and have allergy tests. Wouldn't want you to get to the stage a anaphalaxis and needing an epipen. Jx http://www.anaphylaxis.org.uk/

  2. Hmmm - maybe, at some point. :-)

  3. Hope your are feeling better this morning Joy

  4. I'm fine, thanks. I was fine once the symptoms had gone, just extremely tired! Par for the course at this time of year!