Monday 16 December 2013


Five more days to go and I really can't see an awful lot of work being done.  For a start the littlies are worn out (and going down with bugsies) and can't tolerate much before getting tearful and clingy.  It's all a bit too much right now.

On the other hand, I have an awful lot to do around here.  The 'new' bedroom still smells painty but I have to move stuff back in now or I'll never have everything ready for Christmas.  Then I can deal with all the other stuff.  That's the evenings all sorted out this week, for sure!  Anything still without a place will just have to be relegated to the garage until after Christmas!

The cold has landed with a bengeance and, paradoxically, I'm feeling quite a lot better behind the cough and the snuffles.  The general aches and lethargy have receded although the shoulder is still a bit of a pain, and I feel more 'get up and go' again, thank goodness.  I thought it was just reaction to the show and concert stress and am glad I haven't turned all that soft in my old age.

Today will be bitty.  This morning is normal timetable but I am off the church with the juniors this afternoon for their carol service, because the choir is doing 'my song' (yet again) so I am accompanying them.  Fun times.
I was then planning to go into town to get the prises for the Great Year One Make a Christmas Tree Decoration Competition (snappy little title, eh?) but managed to get some in Morrisons yesterday so that's something crossed off the list.  I can come home a bit earlier and get on with sorting stuff out instead.

In the night I woke to feel a bit of a gale in the bedroom - I had left the wondow on tilt and turn and it must have been proper blowy out there.  This morning is wet but not cold or windy so fingers crossed that it will be OK.

Take care and have an enjoyable day.

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