Thursday 12 December 2013


. . . and what a cold and frosty morning it is too.  I knew it would be - when we came out of school after the show at around 7:30, there was much spraying and scraping of windscreens before we could all depart!  It's also rather misty so drivers will need to take care this morning.

Well, the Infants Christmas Show is over and done and last night was also fantastic.  I was well proud of them all and felt that all the hard work was richly rewarded.  Of course, the children are going to be extremely tired today so thank goodness it's the pantomime.  We have a small theatre company coming to school to present one of their funny and most enjoyable productions.  The children raise the roof and have a marvellous time.
The choir is going to sing outside Morrisons this morning and as I am out of class, I can go with them to help out a little bit at the beginning.

Phew.  I am so relieved that the show is over and, despite various last minute hassles, it's mostly been great!!!
Seven more teaching days!

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