Friday 27 December 2013

Friday: sort of getting back to 'normal'

Sort of . . .

Today is turkey day.  Yesterday I had planned to have a turkey dinner with turkey heated in gravy and leftovers used uo.  As it happened, the buffet lunch I planned just grew and grew and none of us wanted a 'dinner' come the evening so we had a wee bit of turkey on french bread, a few crisps and a couple of biscuits, all washed down with a cuppa tea and that was that!

So today is turkey day.

I plan to make a chunky turkey soup for lunch.  Nothing to complicated - just saute some chunks of veg in turkey and bacon fat, add some turkey stock and simmer until all soft and delicious.  Then pop in some hunks of turkey and that's it.  There will be seasonings, of course, but I'll work those out as I go!

Then dinner will be what it should have been yesterday because if it isn't I shall have to throw away some stuff and I don't want to do that!  So it will be slices of turkey heated in the gravy, some Christmas veg cakes, some red cabbage and some broccoli, as a sop to freshness.  Then there's cranberry, apple and orange sauce, bread sauce and stuffing to finish off too.  Should be a grand dinner for very little effort.

The rest of the turkey will be picked over and the little bits sent in Beth's direction as a treat for her cats.  I intend to boil up the carcass to extract the last little bit of goodness (and meat).  Bone meal is supposed to be good for the soil - I wonder if I could then grind up the bones in Thermione?

Apart from that, weather permitting, we're really hoping to go over to Beth's to see the new kittens who are all doing really well and gaining weight rapidly, bless them.

Should be a good day but I ought to get going or half of it won't get done!


  1. Bonemeal is definitely a good soil improver. Surely you'll have got all the goodness out of the turkey without that. Jx

  2. Well, it's certainly been boiled to death but maybe the texture will lighten the soil. I will have a little think about it!
    J x