Wednesday 4 December 2013


Good morning, everyone.  I'm up sparkly early this morning after a brilliant night's sleep, ready for another day!  It's jolly cold outside although noit as cold as I thought when I woke.  The bedroom was chilly and I guessed there was a heavy frost but, no, I had just left the window slightly open overnight (I love my tilt and turns!).  It is chilly but not as bad as I thought.

Yesterday was another extremely busy day, even though it was coordinator time and PPA.  The governor for PSHE was in and I met with him, two specialist support teachers were in (although I didn't need to see them for long) and I had a fairly important meeting with the head.

Today is going to be weird.  It starts off OK but then after play my ICT lesson is being observed (and how much do I love being observed . . .?) and it's another full run through in the afternoon.  Following that it is staff meeting.  I shall be tired and will need an early night again which is just as well because tomorrow is Westminster Cathedral Day!  The concert itself doesn't start until seven thirty which is when I am starting to think about when to go to bed, so it's all going to be very tricky.  I think I will need to take some caffeine based drinks with me.

Better check over the planning then!


  1. All the best for the concert I expect the adrenalin will keep you awake even without the caffeine

  2. Maybe, yes. I'll let you know. :-)
    J x