Tuesday 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve Tuesday

. . . and despite yesterday's big shop I found I needed to pop to Morrison's this morning for a few things.  It wasn't bad at all, no 'heaving' as they say.  Busy?  Yes, a bit, but I got a clear checkout with no need to queue so that can't be bad.  And now it IS all done.

There's a busy morning ahead of me but it's all bits and bobs, nothing heavy or hard.

Yesterday I had a go at Jamie Oliver's gravy.  It wasn't complicated, just a bit long winded, but when I'd finished I wasn't sure at all.  However, the flavours must have developed overnight because this morning it tasted delicious!  Good-oh.  Now it just needs the juices from the turkey and it should be a great tasting gravy.  My family goes a bundle on gravy and I'm never all that confident about it.

The turkey arrived mid afternoon and, as I am going to follow the instructions this year there's nothing to do really.  Can't be bad.  However, next year I think I must look else where.  Kelly's turkeys are absolutely wonderful but they are obscenely expensive.  Sad, but there you are!

Now I need to have my breakfast and get going.  Have a wonderful day, one and all, and a very merry Christmas to you.

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