Tuesday 17 December 2013


< croak, croak > (me trying to speak!)  Ah well, better now than next week!

The carol service yesterday was just lovely.  I've never heard the children sing so well.  It was part traditional and part modern/new songs with the old readings in today's language.  Lots of parents came and it just felt so lovely and festive.

Today is coordinator time and PPA which is just as well as I don't think my voice is going to last out if I have to teach all day.  Fortunately, A is taking the lead in Infant singing, now that the show songs are over and finished, although I gather parents are still being regaled by impromptu performances at home.

And now I am back off upstairs to continue sorting out the mess.  Getting there!


  1. Hope the voice survives you have had one hell of a week so not really surprising. End of term soon!!!

  2. I'm at home. I lasted out until playtime. So glad to be able to rest.
    J x