Wednesday 4 May 2022


 Morning, everyone.  We've had our rain at last, not during the day yesterday but overnight.  It doesn't appear to be actually raining at the moment but it is very dull and the clouds are low so I wouldn't be surprised to see more on the way.

It was all change yesterday morning.  I think I mentioned before that I was thinking of starting Lindsey's Tuesday morning Groove class and she offered me a try out for today that I couldn't take up because of my hair appointment.  Well, poor Sharon (hairdresser) had a fall yesterday (tripped over something) and damaged her hand so she needs to rest it.  She's rescheduled for next week so I Facebooked Lindsey and turned up at 9:15 for a session of energetic sort of dance type exercises, quite different to the circuits and the personal training.  It was fun and I've now put myself down for the next block that starts next week (fortunately).
Anyone who has known me longer term will find all this hilarious.  I am pretty amused myself - three formal exercise classes a week and belonging to a gym.  Crazy!!  I look upon it as an investment in myself, in my well being and longer term health.  After the injury last year, I'm not taking it for granted.

I drove down to one of the garden centres and came back with some twine, a lupin and four cheap, light, plastic pots.  They're just sitting outside right now - I'll deal with them later on today.

Apart from that, I had a quiet day indoors doing the usual daily/regular stuff

Today starts with a trip to Sainsbury's to get this, that and the other and ends with my personal training session with Lindsey.  It between is all the usual stuff plus starting to plan for Southwold.  Exciting!

Have a lovely day, inside or out, wet or dry, whatever your plans.  xx


  1. Good job you're flexible amazing how things change so quickly .Have a good day

    1. True. I think Infant teachers (past, present or future) need to be flexible to survive. < grin >