Friday 20 May 2022


 Morning, everyone.  Yesterday morning was dull and the afternoon was warm and sunny.  Today looks as if we're going to have some rain but it will clear up later on.  I hope so!

At the opticians yesterday, I paid an extra tenner for an eye health check - it seemed a sensible thing to do - and all's well.  The 'freckles' at the back are going nowhere - not that I expect them to but there's always a slight chance - so that's good.  Everything looked clear and in full working order and any developing cataracts are minimal and nothing to cause any concern at the moment.

Even in two years, the technology has moved on and several tests I expected, such as the peripheral vision one, were no longer done.  It was mostly a case of looking through a machine while it did all the hard work.  Only at the end did I have to do a bit of reading and answer questions about what was brighter/clearer, could I read the bottom line, etc.

The worst bit was choosing the frames - no, the worst bit was maybe paying for them although it really wasn't so bad once discounts, etc, had been applied.  I went for the buy one, get one free plus third pair half price as I couldn't choose between two frames.  One pair is sunglasses, of course.

And I'm booked to go back to collect in three weeks yesterday.

Then I went on to Beth's to have some kitten-cuddles and a good old gossip before I went home and got changed for the evening.

I went to see the Sound of Music performed by a local society.  One of the cast was the head teacher at the school I used to teach at so that was nice and, lo and behold, not only did I connect with an old colleague and her granddaughter but just along my row was a small group of current staff including two TAs who I have worked with.  It was so, so nice to see them all.
The show was good.  The singing and music generally was outstanding, the acting was - well, amateur - and the costumes and scenery were great.  A very good evening out!

Today, I will be out to Slimming World first thing, followed by general sorting out of things, washing, ironing, and so on.  No cleaners today - they have had to cancel because one of them has broken her leg, poor soul and the manager is chasing her tail trying to rearrange rotas and fit as many clients in as possible.  

And then - what a gadabout - I'm off to Lindsey's for a 'cream tea' fundraiser (Bring Your Own Chair) which I am very much looking forward to indeed.

Such a nice day!  I hope yours is too.  xx


  1. I love the idea of a bring your own chair cream tea fund raiser. If we could access the back of our house without going through my garage and conservatory I'd do that,. Tony has freckles on the back of his eye which the hospital are keeping an eye on... no pun intended. He hasn't been since the start of covid though so hopefully nothing has changed.

    1. It's a very good idea, isn't it? I'm looking forward to it, even though it's raining right now.
      I gather they are pretty common and almost always nothing to worry about - like skin freckles, I guess, but worth monitoring. That's one reason why I went for the more detailed eye health check. For a tenner, it does just make sense.

  2. Eye checks are very high tech these days aren't they, but they are so reassuring.

    It sounds like you have a busy time today and I love the idea of 'bring your own chair'.

    1. Yes, it was reassuring. It's nice to know all is well.
      I'll be there (chair in hand) in about an hour. Shame the weather isn't great but it will be loads of fun. xx

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening out and getting to see old friends and staff members is wonderful.

    God bless.

    1. It was brilliant and so unexpected. I expected some would go but I'd have expected it to be Friday night, not Thursday. Maybe others are going tonight. xx

  4. Enjoy your afternoon tea.

    1. I did, thanks, Barbara. It was lovely. xx