Friday 6 May 2022


Good morning to you all.  What's the weather like your way?  Here it is looking as if it will be a lovely sunny day and, after yesterday, should be nice and warm too.

The chat with Chris was lovely.  As always, we talked about all sorts of thing, family, the world, the universe and everything . . .

The extra exercise class Lindsey laid on so she could record the session was really good.  There were three of us, one of whom goes to the Tuesday class I have just joined - it was very nice to get to know her a little bit.

Then I drove on to Longacres, the garden centre that used to be Wyvale, and came out with a plant and a little dead heading gadget that will be very useful, I am sure.

It was the leaves that caught my attention - they're interesting.

Then I went home and pottered for the rest of the day.  Sadly, I didn't get much ironing done but I did watch Sewing Bee.  There's some extremely talented sewers this year and a few duffers.  I wouldn't have chosen the one who get eliminated, I think there was someone whose creations were poorer but I expect they will go soon too.

Today starts with Slimming World, then I go to Morrisons to pick up a few things for tonight before coming home to sort things out.  This afternoon, I am cooking and prepping for this evening because Dave and Anna are round for a meal.

The clump of bluebells beside my front door reminds me that on Sunday I am off to Castle Headingham to see the bluebells and generally have a pleasant time.  Must sort out my e-ticket!

It's still early (around 6:30) but the sun is shining quite brightly now so I'm looking forward to a lovely day with, hopefully, tome to sit out and enjoy the warmth.

Do you have any special plans for today?



  1. It sounds like we agree on this week's Sewing Bee elimination. I thought it should have been the man who's made to measure jacket didn't fit!

    I hope you have a lovely time tonight with Dave and Anna, and that your SW weigh in has gone well. I don't have any social plans for today, but will be back in the garage sorting out some of the pots and getting the load ready to take to the recycling centre when the open tomorrow.

    1. Yes, it was terrible. It didn't fit in any way whatsoever - even the sleeves were too short.
      I'm looking forward to this evening. I haven't seen them for a while. xx

  2. Hope the weather stays nice for your day at Castle Headingham. Will there be photos?

    1. There should be, Chris. Hopefully the weather will play ball. xx

  3. Those are interesting leaves. Love your bluebells. There used to be a woods near where I grew up that had such a bounty of wonderful bluebells. They were lovely to see.

    1. They really caught my eye, those leaves. They brighten up the corner, for sure. xx