Wednesday 18 May 2022


 Morning, everyone!  After a gloriously warm and sunny day yesterday, it looks as if today is going to be much the same, fingers crossed.

Yesterday turned out to be a very exciting day, one way and another.

It started with Groove where I jumped!  OK, so that doesn't sound very exciting but, you see, what with my dodgy ankles anyway and the damage I did last year, jumping has been totally out of the equation.  I've been working to improve the springiness of my feet and ankles and yesterday I started seeing some positive results.  So that was great.
I will miss next week's session but Lindsey has given me the link to the video I helped to make (not in it, I was just there as part of a small 'class') so I can do it anywhere, using my laptop.

Then I went into town to the Specsavers audiology department.  To cut a long story short, I am getting some more hearing aids - one pair as my main aids because technology has moved on a long way since I got my current pair and they are almost out of warrantee and one pair because I want a back up pair that work on battery rather than relying on being able to recharge them each night - just in case I ever got stuck.  The audiology chap said, after I'd done the hearing tests, 'Your hearing is bad, isn't it?' (which I could have told him!) but the good news is that it hasn't got any worse since the last test last year.
The aids I am getting are great - they are louder, clearer and have loads of gizmos including . . . blue tooth connection.  That means that I can link them to my phone and the sound goes straight into my aids.  I haven't used the phone for so long as I just can't hear clearly enough and not I should be able to again - fantastic.  It's so limiting, not being able to use a phone.
I already have a loop connection to the telly but this will be clearer and no need for the loopy thing round my neck.  Also, I won't have to cut out background noise.
I pick them up on Saturday, just in time for my holiday.

The other pair are in the ear ones so they took a mould of inside my ear and the aids should be back in around three weeks.  They also have greatly improved technology/functionality.

What we won't mention is the bill because it's eye watering but this is quality of life and social interaction enhancement.  More investing in myself and my well being and, thanks to dear Dad, I can do it.

I was so excited afterwards that I HAD to spend some money in Primark and M&S - just jeans and some new summer socks.  To be fair, I did need the socks! 

Then I had a good long chat with Seth (one of the most useful people to have taught at primary school) about the garden room and various other home improvements including building a little en suite in the biggest bedroom (no problem, said Seth).  All extremely exciting!

So, all in all, a super day.

Today is calmer.  There's nothing much until personal training this afternoon but I'm going to start packing a bit and, as it's self catering, packing little pots of things like salt, oats, etc . . . things that I really don't want to buy a whole pack of.
And there's always the garden!
Have a really good day, everyone.  All the best.  xx

If you're interested in Little Pete updates, photos, etc, Beth has started a Facebook group you are welcome to go and look at.  Here's the link.


  1. Your new hearing aids sound great and you are absolutely right to prioritise them for your overall wellbeing. And how wonderful that you will have them in time for your holiday.
    Your home improvements sound exciting. X

    1. Thanks, Jules. I have a number of projects in mind for the house - yes, it's exciting for me. As for the new aids, time will tell, but they are better than what I currently have and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all goes. xx

  2. The hearing aids sound like a good investment, and if you can't invest in yourself and your quality of life what is the world coming to. Oh and socks and jeans sound like just the sort of purchase that would make me very happy too. :-)

    1. Yes, you're right, they are a good investment. It's just one always feels - oh, I don't know. And I agree! xx

  3. Those hearing aids sound perfect and I bet your dad is smiling down on you. The house projects are going to be lovely aren't they.

    1. I do hope they are all I wish them to be.
      Yes, I'm feeling quite excited about the house projects. It'll take time but it will be lovely when it is all done.