Tuesday 15 June 2021


 Good morning!

No sun this morning and the weather is forecast to turn rather nasty by Thursday.  Ah well, that's the way it goes.

I have pretty much sorted out all the paperback books and, oh joy, David's Bookshop will take them.   Just the paperbacks.  I have five large supermarket bags filled with them so need to find somewhere to park as close as I can and just do three journeys from and to the car.  It will be nice to get some things out of the house - at the moment I feel I am just moving things from one place to another.   :-)

I located the dump.  It has a very handy web cam monitoring the entrance and, sadly, every time I checked it showed queues of waiting cars (weekend garden and DIY stuff, maybe) so I will wait and check again Thursday when it is next open.

So today is books, kitchen, weeding and visiting - and tyres.  My warning light came on which is a right nuisance.  They look fine, not flat or anything, but I will go to the Kwik Fit at some point.  Better check to bank balance!

No new news about Dad.  Maybe today . . .

Have a great day.  xx


  1. Sounds like you have everything very much under control. I hope you get some good information about your dad and that you can find some time to relax. All the very best for both of you.

  2. Sounds like your dad does a lot of reading - at least that will keep him entertained in hospital if it is a long stay. Hoping to hear good news. x

  3. Well done on sorting out the books and finding somewhere to accept them. Another suggestion if you still have more to donate is the Red Cross or the Lions - both have their own bookstores.

    Hope your Dad is doing well xx

    1. The problem is most charity shops are not accepting books right now and there are so, so many.

  4. Hope there is good news about your Dad today

  5. What with moving house I have fallen behind looking at blogs, so sad to read your dad isn't well.. hope he has started to make a good recovery.. and what a blessing he has you, but hard going for you. Good you hsve your son and daughter to support you.

  6. I always have a slight case of heart palpitations when a warning light comes on. I make Harvey check everything thoroughly.

    I hope you get good news about your Dad very soon.

    God bless.

  7. Thank you everyone! So much appreciated.