Sunday, 20 June 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  Firstly, I'd love to give all of you who have commented recently a very grateful thank you and a virtual (((hug))).  I know I haven't been as on top of replying as I usually am but I know you understand.  They have been very helpful and heart-warming so, again, thank you so much.

Yesterday things plodded on.  They got Dad's laptop connected up for him and he started ending out messages, which was a relief.  Silence can be unnerving and, while we knew we would be informed of problems, it was good to start getting messages again.

I did some more sorting out.  There's such a lot to do and I have to balance getting rid of 'junk' with leaving things so that the house looks lived in and more attractive.  There's plenty to take to charity shops but in dribs and drabs, not in one fell swoop! 

What has really slowed me up is the problem with my calves/ankles.  On Wednesday I waffled about how I seemed to have damaged my calves, here.
Well, the problem has continued with rather a lot of cramping and other painful stuff that has slowed me up considerably as I can only hobble.  A real nuisance in several ways.  Today I noticed that there's quite a lot of bruising coming out all round my ankles and lower calves so, hopefully, it's going to start feeling better soon.

As I can't start visiting Dad until Tuesday, I'm going home today and overnight and coming back tomorrow.  I want to check that things are OK at home, open post, etc, and see the garden.  I have wrapped and packed several items that Beth and Dave would like to have and still need to sort out a few more things to take for myself.  Let's hope the A120 is open; I'd rather not have to go the long way round if I don't have to, although now the tyres have been replaced, I feel happier.

I'd better stop this collection of random thoughts and wish you a very good day.  Back tomorrow.  xx


  1. It's nice to see you checking in and to know that you are ok. x

  2. Joy, perhaps as you're coming home you might want to think about seeing your GP about your calves/ankles? Whatever it is, it sounds very painful.

    Glad for all concerned that your Dad's laptop is now operational - not good when you can't easily keep in touch. Sending hugs and good wishes, as always xx

  3. Hope you get some relief from the ankle/calf pain. Would get a consult if it continues. Good luck with the sorting. Safe travels home and back again. Best wishes for your Dad on Father's Day.

  4. Hope your legs start to feel better soon, carrying the bags of heavy books may have pulled some deep ligaments or something similar for them both to be so sore almost immediately after. It's not good being in pain when there's so much to do is it ... gosh there speaks the voice of experience!!

    At least now you know your Dad is in a good place, so although there's lots to do you know he's being well looked after.

  5. I hope you can get some sort of relief from your pain.
    And I'm glad your dad has his lap-top set up, so he is able to keep in touch until you can visit. X

  6. I hope your ankle/calves pain resolves itself quickly. I'm with the others about seeking medical advice sooner rather than later as you don't want this to turn into a long term problem.

    It's good that the care home set up the laptop for your Dad so promptly. At least you have a way of contacting him even if you can't visit for a couple of days.

  7. Thanks, everyone. It's definitely easing but I will bear your comments and advice in mind, I promise.

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