Saturday, 19 June 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  Did you have an awful lot or rain yesterday - we certainty did.  All day it absolutely poured and, while there is no danger of flooding here, where Dad's home is, as we drove over to Foxholes, we drove through a fair amount of flooding including a really bad part where the road was closed soon afterwards.  Fortunately, we decided to go back a different way anyway..

It took longer than expected to get Dad out of hospital.  He was due to be discharged at eleven but the covid swab test was late coming back and so he just had to wait - and wait - and wait . . .  As mentioned, John and I took his things over and we were able to unpack everything before he arrived so the room looked kind of homey.

John got a text from Dad saying he'd arrived but we've heard nothing since.  Hopefully, they will connect up his laptop quickly so he can get in contact.

I've been sorting things out in dribs and drabs.  Dad's bins are full and, thanks to lovely neighbours, so are the bins of the homes either side.  Thank goodness there is no rush so I don't feel pressured.

As I can't visit Dad until Tuesday, I'm going home tomorrow and coming back Monday morning.  I doubt I will get the chance to mow at the allotment (too wet) but there is stuff that needs sorting out and it would be lovely to see my two and Alex again.

Well, better stop and get on with all the other stuff and I must go to Tesco and get the car petrolled up.  Have a good day, stay dry and be happy.  xx


  1. A mixture of business and a lot of waiting around is quite difficult but soon your dad should be settled and you will feel more settled too I expect....don't forget to have a rest yourself.x

  2. Getting out of hospital is never straight forward. Hope your Dad sttles in and likes it there.
    Wishing you safe journeys back and forwards

  3. I hope your Dad settles in quickly and feels at ease with the pattern of the day in the care home.

    It's been a very stressful time for you so please make time to look after yourself xx

  4. Safe journeys I hope the rain has not made things too difficult.

  5. In the midst of war in Eukraine and all the things In our country now…shootings etc.. what a respite to watch on You Tube your celebrations of the Queen.