Sunday, 13 June 2021

Sunday: garden and allotment update - photo heavy

 Good morning!  It's quiet and peaceful, the sun is shining, it's going to be a beautiful summer day today.  I'm looking out over a lovely garden - not mine, but lovely all the same - having taken over the dining room as my 'office', i.e. laptop room!

I'm keeping up with the lateral flow testing.  It makes me laugh, the way you report your lateral rest result to the NHS and then they tell you exactly what you have told them - twice.  Once to your mobile and one to your mailbox.  I'd say what a waste of space except that I'm not sure what 'space' is being wasted and it's au auto thing so it's not wasting anyone's time or money!  Except mine, maybe.

It was nice to spend one evening/night back at home.  I can fit it in between hospital visits so must make sure I do this now and again.  I spoke to my plants (you know what I mean), inspected the allotment, sorted out my fridge and generally got stuff done.  I brought back food (it would go off otherwise) and more clothes.

And I took photos on my phone!  Sorry . . .

The garden:

The cucumber is coming on very nicely.  There are some flowers emerging but they all look male, as is the case at first.  The females aren't so prolific but pretty much all turn into fruit.

The ooh la la clematis is gorgeous, absolutely fab.  You can see how many more buds there are too, it is smothered with them.

The tomatoes are all looking happy.

So is the bamboo - both of them are, in fact.  I'm really glad I splashed out and got them.

Very pretty.

This is the herb and foliage bed looking very happy.  I think having the rosemary out was good although there is a space at the right back now.  I'm not sure what to put there.  Something with a bit of height but not much width - any ideas?

My sunbathing space.  I haven't even cleaned down the seat yet, shame on me.   I will get benefit from this - I won't be at Dad's all summer.

What I call the productive area - raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, chillies and blueberries.  It is amazing what you can pack into a small space, isn't it?

Loads and loads of blueberries.  I'm absolutely amazed.  Last year I had about five, seriously, and was that far from having the thing out and chucked away.  Sue said just wait and see so I did and wow!  Thanks, Sue.

It is now netted.  Not terribly well and it was a right pain as the berried kept getting caught in the netting but it should stop the birds from getting some.  I need to make (or get someone to make) a cage so I can fasten netting on (or even chicken wire mesh stuff) and just lift it into place when it is needed.  I know someone I can ask . . .

And down the allotment - where the grass seriously needs mowing again.  I must fit in a time to go home and get that done.  Beth would, but the mower is in my garage and her car is too small to transport it.

The potatoes are coming along so well.  They're Charlottes and so tasty.

Very tasty.  Beth will get most of these so I was quite happy to grab and scoff a few.

The runner beans (and the mange touts) are coming up a treat.  Yay - my favourite summer vegetable, fresh picked and cooked.  Delicious!

The broadies are doing amazingly although they are smothered with black fly, as always happens.  I have Done Something About It!!

I think all the baby corn has survived the move - I know they don't look amazing but they always look like that and then, suddenly, they take off and there's no stopping them.  They're definitely growing.

I'm afraid this is not a good place for the tomatoes - it's too shady for much of the day and it shows.  They're growing, they look happy, but not as well as the ones at home.  Never mind, lesson learned and anyway, next year that's the potato patch.

It's all coming on very nicely.

Today I will be doing some clearing at Dad's.  I can start with the kitchen cupboards as it is the easiest room to make decisions over.    I MUST find where the local dump - sorry, Civic Amenities Site - is.  It is difficult making decisions for someone else.

I'll be visiting Dad, as usual and I must book tomorrow's visit; a bit later than usual because he has a couple of 'procedures' (scans, we think) in the morning and I'm not sure how long they will take.

I've unloaded the dishwasher and it is time for a shower so I'm stop rambling and start the day.  Stay well, have a happy day and be safe.  xx


  1. I've just been catching up Joy, I'm really sorry to hear your Dad is unwell and in hospital. I hope he recovers from the operation he is going to have and is home again really soon. I love the photos of your garden and allotment. xx

  2. Your garden is looking good - I just hope ours is surviving the heat down at home while we are here in Scotland. It must be hard having to book slots for visiting and take tests all the time - but well worth it for your dad - I am sure he will be more than pleased to see you - hospital days can be long and boring. xx

    1. It is definitely well worth it and he does seem pleased although it does tire him. He sleeps quite a lot of the rest of the time in the chair beside his bed. xx

  3. Thanks for the update and the photos. Your garden and the allotment are both looking good.

    I know that when my partner was in hospital (for 6 months) he found a lot of comfort and security in the rhythm of the hospital routine so I hope this is the same for your Dad xx

    1. He hasn't mentioned that but I'm sure he does. Good thought, thanks.

  4. Both garden and allotment are looking lovely Joy. I do love to see allotment gardens when they are so well tended.

    1. That's such a nice thing to say, thanks. It's well worth the hard work earlier when things start coming up.

  5. Replies
    1. Me too - there's three of them and they're getting a bit battered. I need to get someone in to repair bits. I originally had them set out like that so that Alex could cycle round and make interesting pathways on his little trike but now I love them just because . . .