Monday 4 March 2019


Good morning.  A bit blowy at times, wasn't it?  I guess it's been worse in other parts and there's even been some snow on higher ground so I hope everyone is OK and there's been no damage.

After breakfast I will be going home and then it's back to the usual routine - Knitter Knatter Club, helping with FS and a bit of tuition before settling down to catch up with recorded programmes since Thursday.  Not a bad life, eh?

At some odd moment I shall start some sourdough again - give it another go (again) and see if I have more luck this time.  This time, it has to be wholemeal, to fit with Slimming World.  I'm not sure if that makes it harder or not but - well, if you don't try, you'll never know and this time I have some really good instructions - don't I, Sooze?!  :-) 
Fingers crossed.

Have a good day, everybody, whatever you have planned.


  1. Aww, bless you Joy, thanks. Hope you have a good drive home.

    'A bit blowy' - bit of an understatement here, we had the full force of the storm, I think. No damage though, other than loads of stuff being blown about in the garden, including all the bins. At least tiles didn't get blown off our roof this time, which is usually what happens. Have a good day Joy.

    1. Thank goodness you didn't lose any tiles and that there was no real damage. I'm glad you're OK.

  2. Frugal feasting in a slimming world.