Tuesday 6 November 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Back to my normal waking time today which is a relief as I have plenty I want to got done and dusted.

Yesterday worked out well.  The meals were tasty (good old Slimming World)

and tuition worked well.

Today there are two biggies.  Beth is round for the day and the lovely Sharon is coming to tame my hair again.  It was feeling 'shaggy' all weekend so I was relieved to check my diary and realise it would soon be sorted.  Apart from that there is the inevitable tuition planning and plenty of tidying up and knitting to keep me occupied.  Nice.

Last week I had a bit of a 'scare' when I opened my fridge door and all was black inside.  At first I thought it had gone completely and, as one does, immediately started pondering about replacements (I'd like a little freezer inside for a start).
I grabbed the fridge thermometer and, to my relief, it showed the temperature as it should be.  It turned out that just the bulb had gone.  I've never had that happen before in any of the fridges I've ever owned so that's why it wasn't the first thing I thought of, I suppose.
Anyway, I did nothing over the weekend but yesterday I Amazoned the item and got a replacement.  Goodness, they ain't half expensive!  Apart from the paying, it was a remarkably easy and simple process and it reminded me how fortunate we are nowadays in so many ways.  The Internet can be such a blessing.
Now I just have to wait until it arrives and until then my fridge will resemble the black hole of Calcutta (the cold version).

Have a great day.


  1. That soup looks very tasty. Will it freeze well do you know?

    I'd be lost without the internet now and for me, the simplicity of replacing parts is one of the positive things about it.

  2. I think it would freeze, if I had any left. :-) There's nothing in it that wouldn't.
    I'd be lost too. :-)

  3. Hi Joy I have been so busy I have not had time to comment and I have a day or two to catch up on with the reading. You can get the fridge light bulbs from Sainsbury's they are pretty universal and save you postage costs - but you probably will never need another!
    Your soup looks good - we have had such a lot recently - I prefer it to endless sandwiches for lunch. x
    PS For some reason when I click on your comment box to leave a comment I get an automatic screen pop up for a porn site too - does this happen to anyone else?

  4. Hi, Viv.
    I never thought of Sainsburys but it was post free so that's OK. No point in comparing prices.
    I'm sorry about the pop up. It's an ongoing issue and Blogspot (or whatever it's called) doesn't care. It happens to me too, not always but now and again. I just close it down and the blog is still there behind it and I have child settings on so it doesn't show the worst.

    I do apologise though, it is a right nuisance.

  5. Ladies, so relieved at your comments about the screen pop up as I experienced this a couple of weeks ago on another blog that I visit regularly and thought it must be my browser which insisted on showing the unsecured version of the site (http rather than https); I tried another browser; scanned my computer for viruses; switched it off and on again but nothing worked. I had almost forggotten about the incident and then the same happened tonight when I was looking to post a comment here which is why I have typed this instead but you have made my day by confirming it's not my computer. Thank you.

  6. Apologies for misspelling forgotten ( I can spell but my typing is appalling)in my comment above. I had intended to say that I once had a fridge light go in a fridge that was only 6 months old in a property that we were letting out through agents. Presumably the fault would have been covered by the warranty but the agents called out their pet electrical contractor who charged £3 for the replacement bulb and £50 for the call out fee; I was livid, esepcially as he damaged the fridge changing the bulb too. Hope you get your new bulb and resolve the issue soon.

  7. No, Caree, it's not your computer. It's a blogger problem and very annoying it is too.
    I'm not surprised you were livid; I would be too. I found it easy to unscrew the bulb so I am presuming it will also be easy to put the new one.

    I hope that isn't famous last words, mind you!