Tuesday 20 November 2018


Good morning, everyone!  It's pretty cold out there this morning, the heating is on and so are my dressing gown and slippers.  It feels like Autumn is over and hasn't it been a colourful one this year!  On the way home yesterday, I noticed that what leaves there are left and mainly  yellow - all the red-based ones have dropped now. - while many trees are now totally bare.  They looked chilly!

On the way home I stopped off at the Sainsbury's near Mum and Dad's and now I not only have my full compliment of jeans in the now size, I also have one pair as my target pair in what I expect will be my final size.  I'm finding it hard to believe but it feels great.
I also saw a very pretty top - I think it's pretty anyway - and that is also now hanging in my wardrobe.  All this changing sizes is expensive but it's exciting too.

After spending out in Sainsbury's, it was good to receive, in the post, notice that my winter fuel payment will be arriving shortly.  I'm glad of this because I'm feeling the cold much more than I used to and keep turning the heating up on those chilly days.  It's only disadvantage of losing all that padding!

Once home, I pottered and meandered about and generally enjoyed being back in my own space.  It's nice to go away but it is also lovely to be back at home again.

Today, Beth is round to work using the sewing machine that we share and keep here as I have the space.  I shall be popping over the cul de sac for coffee and a good natter with my friend, C and I do need to go shopping for groceries at some ploint.  The list is too long for me to walk really, unless I nick a trolley for the walk home!

Then I have a little bit of planning to be getting on with, including next week's meal plans, and I need to get uip to date with my bank account.  And there's some washin with all the resulting drying/ironing. 
It should all keep me out of trouble today, that's for sure.
Have a good one.


  1. Have a lovely day Joy. You sound very busy. I'm really enjoying your blog. I was a teacher, trained with the Open University. Sadly I can no longer teach due to ill health, Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Parkinson's Disease. I am just 55 and reading your blog inspires me as I start an extremely early retirement. Thanks 😊

  2. Hi Joy - we are back from another weekend away and although we have had a lovely time I am so glad to be home and to be able to stay home for a while now. I have a heap of things to do. I find I want to hibernate in this cold weather!
    I am so pleased for you with the weight loss. x
    PS and a belated happy birthday to dad - I am just catching up with some posts I missed whilst away.

  3. Hi, Lynn. I used to study with the OU as well but never finished as real life (teaching) got in the way. I intended to study when I retired but things have changed such a lot with the OU and it no longer appeals so I am enjoying myself in other ways instead.
    All the best with your retirement. I am sure you will find plenty to do, despite any health restrictions.

    Thanks, Viv. I'm very glad you had such a lovely time away. Hibernation sounds like a pretty good idea right now, I have to admit!


  4. We noticed last week that loads of the tree leaves hereabouts seemed to have fallen in one fell swoop, probably because it's been very windy. It does seem as if autumn was very short and winter has arrived with a bang, particularly as it's now so blooming cold.

    Well done on having the confidence to buy smaller clothes and knowing that you WILL fit into them very soon!

    My existing clothes are tight now, sadly :(

  5. You must be thrilled with your weight loss and it is always nice to buy clothes a size smaller than you are used to.

  6. Ok, a question ... as you lose weight and buy new clothes in smaller sizes are you hanging on to the bigger nearly new stuff 'just in case'? I only ask because this has been my mentality over the years caused in part by the difficulty in finding clothes to fit.

  7. It's bitter, isn't it, Sooze. I wore my nice new winter cost to the shops and was toasty warm but I forgot gloves and my fingers have just thawed out again.

    Diane, I'm really pleased. Fingers crosed I can maintain it now. :-)

    Eileen, in the past I always have but this time, no. The Salvation Army clothes drop off is conveniently near which is very handy. I want no encouragement to re-gain, you see. Some bigger stuff looks fine so I'm keeping them but not because they are bigger.


  8. It's very cold here, Joy, even in 'mild' Torbay! I'm sitting with a h.w.b. on my knees as I type this in our study.
    Ironing ... while I like things neatly ironed, I'm not to keen on the actual activity, so I delegate this to Husband. Bless him, he knows I get back ache standing doing ironing, so he does all the large stuff for me while I concentrate on anything fiddly. A good division of labour!
    Margaret P

  9. I gather it will be cold tomorrow too.
    I actually don't mind ironing providing I am not pushed for time. It's nice to get things smooth and flat. :-)
    I like the way you and Husband have sorted things.