Saturday 17 November 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Here I am, snug and warm at my parents' home, using Dad's PC as my laptop has decided it doesn't want to connect up.  A right pain!  It was perfectly OK a fortnight ago and I haven't used it since so I have no idea what's happened there.

It was a good journey over, despite the mist which was almost fog on occasion.  I had no holdups, not even through a village where there are usually serious backups in all directions.  Lucky me!

In the morning I managed to get all my usual chores done, went shopping for some stuff to bring with me and made a nice soup for me and Beth.
Beth said something nice.  She said it was nice to see that I was developing some 'personal style' for my new size.  She wasn't being rude, we've talked about this from time to time.  I've been concerned that in the past, because of my size, if it fitted, I bought it, almost regardless.  It wasn't quite as bad as that but I'm sure anyone who has been 'large' will know what I mean.  So I really haven't known what really works for me and what doesn't.  After all, nothing really suited because of size.
Anyway, now most things fit so there's a wide choice and I've had to think a bit harder.  Therefore, what she said was lovely and cheered me up no end, bless her.

Today I am off out early to go to Bob the Butcher's - a local and excellent butcher,  Bob Chapman's, that is well known in the area and which Dad always uses.  Also to Tesco for a few more things they need.  Then it is the usual Saturday thing - washing, ironing, looking after Mum, making the meals, etc.

It's supposed to be getting cold and I almost brought a warmer coat with me but didn't in the end.  I can always borrow Mum's duffle coat if I really need to.

Have a lovely day and stay warm!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about 'if it fits it will do' It must be wonderful to have choice.
    Have a good weekend and Thank you for always leaving an early morning comment on my blog

  2. That's a lovely comment to receive. I can't ever imagine being complimented on my personal style, as I have none! :)

  3. It must be nice now to have a wider choice - my larger size friend has the same problems and cannot find any larger size shops in the local malls so has to go to more special size shops to get anything of quality and style and it is always expensive.
    There have been some computer updates recently - does dad have these on an automatic install setting if not you have to check from time to time if any updates need to be installed manually as these can affect the computer working. I know Firefox have updated recently and Adobe.
    Have a good weekend x

  4. I also know what you mean about developing a new personal style. I joined Weight Watchers at the beginning of the year and have lost at least one size. It doesn’t sound like much but have realized I was wearing things that were really too loose, to try to cover up more, I suppose. Since losing the weight, I have more confidence to try to the new slimmer styles and find I actually look respectable (LOL!). People think I’ve lost more weight than I really have! Who would have thought?!! Enjoy your day!

  5. It's a sad thought that if you are a larger size you either don't bother, or can't buy, clothes to suit you.
    You have a lovely daughter to notice and comment on your new style.
    I'm so glad that you are enjoying clothes more and feeling good in them.

  6. I know what you mean about going for whatever fits when you get to a certain size. It's the wish to be able to buy the sorts of clothes I want that is keeping me motivated. It's lovely that Beth mentioned it ... that must make you feel good.

  7. There just aren't the choices of styles in larger sizes, are there? I dare not get any larger because some companies - ones I like - just don't make larger sizes. I think they think that being larger downgrades their company and takes them into bargain basement land where fatties shop ... I don't know, I'm just hazarding a guess! I wanted to get something larger last year in the only decent dept store in our town and the assistant said I could go online and get a larger size (with a big sniff, she said this, as if I was something she'd stepped in on the pavement) but they didn't stock anything over size 16! She looked like a stick insect, so no doubt a womanly size 16 was beyond the pale to her!
    Margaret P

  8. I don't have many clothes that fit me at the moment. I'm disabled and haven't ventured out of the house for over twelve months as I have also had fluid on my fluids since then and been "quite poorly" as my GP advised me! However, circumstances have changed radically and my dear husband died four weeks ago without any warning. He was my carer (in addition to holding down a senior position in our county council). My son, who lives 70 miles away has had to virtually move in with me (he and his partner have a four month old baby) - so not ideal. However, I will be moving into sheltered accommodation just twelve minutes away from their home. I started by saying I have very few clothes that fit me - buying online is quite difficult (I'm registered blind). I've managed to get a couple of skirts from M & S - and have three pairs of leggings and stretch trousers which fit reasonably well. However, all shops seem to have very different ideas as to sizes. It would be helpful if they could all adhere to a specific range. Also the larger sizes seem to be boring/dull and not conducive to making us feel better about ourselves. Sorry for having a moan - not my intention. You are doing so well and reaping the benefit of your efforts. I need to start looking forward to my new life but I'm not sure it will be that easy!

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments - I hope I don't miss anyone out in my reply!¬
    Sue - it's a pleasure; your blog is one of the joys of my life!

    It IS nice to be able to shop more widely and I never thought itn would bring its own problems of a kind. I guess they're nice problems to have though!

    Losing a whole size is great. It makes a big difference, I think, so well done, Lady of the Manor. Are you going to keep going?

    Sue, Viv Jules and Eileen, yes, Beth is lovely, bless her. She does cheer me up.

    Margaret - what a rude assistant! It's disgraceful to talk to a customer like that! I bet you had to bite your tongue!

    Jan, thanks for posting. I'm so sorry that you are in your current situation and having to deal with so much sadness at the moment. I agree, sizes are all over the place anbd there is little or no consistency between them, even within the same shop sometimes. I agree that looking forward to the changes that are coming is not going to be easy but you sound like a very positive person mostly so I bet you will battle through. What a lovely family you have too.

    I hope I have missed no-ones comments out; if I have, really sorry, it was unintentional. I wish each comment had its own reply button but they don't. I shall go and write today's entry now! :-)