Friday 23 November 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't it cold yesterday?  I didn't really get warm all day and resorted to some jogging on the spot and a bit of step exercise to warm up in the end.  I never used to feel the cold like that!
It seems a fair bit milder today.

Val turned up and we set off for Harlow.  It was an easy enough run except for the roundabout where the 414 crosses the M11 - that's a biggie but the lanes are well marked so it could have been a lot worse and coming back was easy.

As for the Range, my overwhelming impression was that it's confused and messy but it did have a lot of stuff.  I bought a few crafty bits and bobs for a little friend, some crackers and a table decoration which will work for both the Christmas meals I am cooking this year so it was worth going but it's not somewhere I would return to in the way I return to Hobbycraft, for example.
There were some super Christmas decorations though - loads of them!

Once home, it was tuition and then off to Slimming World group where I found I've lost (how careless!!!) another one and a half pounds.  That has got me the one and a half stone award (certificate and sticker), not to mention being very encouraging indeed.  My BMI is now nearer to the healthy banding than it is to the obese banding - I'm very happy about that!

Today I am off into town  to pick up my repaired hearing aid.  I've been wearing my old one in that ear which has been OK but the hearing quality has been very lopsided.
While I'm there, I might possibly find myself - accidentally, of course - in a few clothes shops and I do want to look around M&S food hall for things for a few hamper gifts I am making up.

Beth will be here when I get home so it's going to be a very pleasant day indeed. 
I hope yours is too.


  1. Wow, well done Joy, you must be so pleased (deservedly so). Yes, The Range have a fantastic selection of Christmas decs, the best and most extensive I've seen, not too expensive either. Our store isn't messy though, it's pretty well organised.

    Have a lovely day, hope you 'accidentally' find some nice new clothes!

  2. I guess the one I went to was down to poor management. The decorations were fantastic though!
    And thanks - yes, I am really pleased.

  3. I too was frozen all day yesterday and finally got warm in bed with a hot water bottle for me frozen feet.

  4. We have snow above us on the moor. The Range varies maybe depending on the manager - the one here in Huddersfield is quite tidy and orderly but the one in Sheffield is very disorganised and messy. They have a lot of what I would term rubbish but they are handy for some things.

  5. Maybe, once Christmas is over they'll have more floor space and the store will be better organized. I've never been in a Range as I've never come across one down here but I know of somebody in East Anglia who absolutely loves it.

    Congrats on the continuing losses and the new you, would you have been jogging and step exercises a year ago?

  6. That sounds just like me, Diane. It was very damp and misty which really didn't help at all.

    I'm sure you're right, Viv - poor management wouldn't help in anything, certainly not in a big shop like that.

  7. Congratulations on the weight loss. My nearest Range shop is in Bristol and always seems to be well organised. Maybe as Annabeth said, it's to do with the extra Christmas stock.

  8. Annabeth, I most certainly would not have done. I'd have fainted at the thought!

    Thanks, Eileen. It's nice to know that people like the Range and maybe I ought to give it another go and see.


  9. I am not a Range fan, either. The first time we went in - just for a look-see - we almost ran out never to return. But then we needed some dishwasher tabs when there weren't any in stock in Lidl and I didn't want to pay a silly price for them in Waitrose - I don't mind paying for food, but not for things we don't put in our mouths. So we went into The Range and found good Astonish dishwasher tabs and then husband found the art section and bought some new paintbrushes. But most of the stuff looks cheap and gaudy, the stuff you might see at a fairground for prizes. If you want more glitter than Gary used to wear, The Range is for you. It's thus not for me.
    Margaret P