Friday 9 November 2018


Good morning, all.  It's Friday, nearly the weekend and I have this weekend at home, the first for four weeks, so I am really looking forward to it.  There's nothing particularly special planned but I do love my safe space.

Thanks very much for all the comments yesterday - I hope I have replied to them all in the same place.

Slimming World group yesterday was great.  I lost a pound and a half, I got my Club Ten award and I won one of the raffles.

The Club Ten thing is when you have lost 10% of starting weight.  Regular and longer term readers may remember that I have already done this once, before my gallbladder operation when the consultant encouraged me to lose 10% before he did the op.  Well, I've now done it again and I might work out what 10% from here on down is and have that as another mini-target.

The raffle prize was a selection of 'free' and 'low syn' goodies donated by members each week.  It's actually meant to be for the slimmer of the week but if they don't stay to group after weighing, it gets raffled instead.  There's nothing there that I won't use although I have a carton of Alpro coconut milk thingy and a pomegranate, neither of which I have done anything with before so I will be turning to good old Google for help.  Any ideas, anyone?  Please comment.

Before group, I had the last tuition of the week.  For once it has been a nearly full week with only one cancellation.  I don't mind people cancelling; I keep the whole thing very easy, flexible and comfortable and, with family stuff, I might have to cancel myself at very short notice so it is swings and roundabouts really.  It all works well.

Today, Beth is over again and I THINK she intends roping me in for some owl cushion making.  I might see if I can make the time to cut up the fabric for my Christmas bunting too.  And there's the knitting.  I have a Christmas nativity to finish for a friend and need to get on with that this weekend with the aim of finishing it next week and getting it posted off in good time.

This evening there's a sort of social get-together at school.  Nothing heavy and it should be pleasant although I'm not sure how my new hearing aids will cope with all the background noise.  They have a setting for that sort of situation so I guess I will find out, won't I?

It should be a lovely day and I hope yours is too.  It's time for another coffee so I'll stop rambling now and get going.


  1. Magnification of all the background noise, which I wasn't even aware of prior to hearing aids because I couldn't hear it, is the main reason why I'm not really keen on wearing mine. They make background noise quite loud and even startling sometimes. Mine don't have any settings on them, they're common or garden NHS ones....still grateful for them though, despite their shortcomings.

  2. They can be a real blessing but I think you're right to use them selectively. My hearing is so bad that I'm almost entirely deaf without them so I'd rather have a cacophony than silence. It makes us extremely grateful for modern technology, doesn't it?

  3. What a good prize, I would be stumped with a pomegranate too and the only thing I can think of for the milk is curry

  4. Scatter the pomegranate seeds over a lovely couscous or grain salad or it is quite nice in a mixed fruit salad topped with yoghurt. Perhaps the coconut milk would make a flavoured rice pudding? I always use evap milk for mine to make it creamy but the soya milk might work.
    Congratulations on your weight loss you must be so prod of yourself and it sounds like being a member of a group helps to keep the motivation going.
    Enjoy the social evening - a good test for the hearing aids. x

  5. That's a good raffle prize - check the Alpro website as they have plenty of recipe suggestions for their products.

    Congratulations on your continued weight loss. You are doing brilliantly and you're an inspiration.

  6. Pomegrante scattered on salad, milk on your cereal/ porridge. I do both!! A word of warning about cutting the bunting-if the fabric is directional be careful to cut it without reversing/ inverting the design-guess how I know that?🤣

  7. That's a good idea, Sue, thanks very much. If I made some curry, I could then freeze it in portions. I will check the Alpro site as Eileen suggests (thank you) and see what I could do and also the Slimming World site as they have some great recipes.
    Viv and Catriona, I'm having porridge tomorrow so could use some of the seeds in that, couldn't I? Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I'm finding the group much more helpful than I ever thought I would.
    Catriona - check twice and cut once, eh? Very good advice although I don't think the fabric is directional.

    Many thanks, everyone.

  8. Congratulations on the result and the raffle prize. You can use plant milks for pretty much anything you would use normal milk for - though some can go a bit gritty in coffee, while being fine in tea. They are fine for cereals, porridge and rice puds and pretty much anything else. There isn't usually an obvious coconut taste with that particular brand if I remember correctly.

    Plant milks tend to have the advantage of less fat and fewer calories than normal milk, so if you find you don't dislike them and you want an easy way to cut a few calories from the diet, they are a useful way to do it. The one I use is 16 calories per 100ml and as I drink a LOT of coffee it does make a difference to the number on the weighing scales :-)


  9. That type of coconut 'milk' isn't the same as the calorific coconut milk you get in tins. I wouldn't use it in a curry, it's actually quite watery. Perfectly good for overnight oats or an cereal though :-)

  10. What a wonderful lot of goodies! We used to always just eat pomegranate seeds when I was a kid. I remember Mum getting them from the greengrocers when in season.
    Congrats on the weight loss! It isn't easy at all. Enjoy your weekend home.

  11. Thanks, Suzie and Ali, that's helpful. I'm unsure about whether it is an 'allowed' substitute for milk as a healthy extra. I must ask on my group, I think. I'm going to use some for my porridge this morning and see how it goes.
    Sharon, I was really pleased with the prize. I've checked and pomegranate is a 'free' food which i great. I will try some in yogurt today.
    I like how the prize is making me think outside my own box.