Wednesday 28 November 2018


Good morning, everyone.

It's yucky-wet outside right now but there's very little wind.  That's for tomorrow, according to the BBC.  The rain is a different matter; it's forecast to last more or less all day so it's a stay-inside-and-get-on-with-stuff sort of day today.

I know I said I'd make the vegetarian sausage rolls today but, when it came to it, I made them yesterday and they are now in the freezer, as safe as something like that ever is in my house.  Beth tasted a couple and said that they are well up to the family standard so that's one item ticked off my list.

We started making these when Beth was a young teen who had decided to become vegetarian.  Delia's Christmas book was new out and my Mum, being a great Delia fan, had the book so decided to give them a go.  The rest, as they say, is family history.

I also did some crafting with Beth, made some very tasty spicy red lentil soup, planned and delivered some tuition and generally had a useful day with the dishwasher working overtime!

Today looks pretty free until tuition time so I will seize the opportunity to get on with some Christmas prep, some clutter-clearing and get my ironing basket emptied.  There's some stuff to chuck out, some clothes to recycle and a few things to wrap which means a trip down to the garage to get the Christmas wrapping paper out.  I might also get started with the cards.

It should be a very useful day!

By the way, if you're interested, Delia's recipe is here.   I bought puff pastry and I used soft cheese rather than cream as that's what I had in.


  1. I'm going to make the 'sausage' rolls. They sound delicious and I have the perfect chutney to go with them. Like yourself, I'll definitely be buying the pastry though. Thank you for the recipe. X

  2. It's really yucky here again, very strong winds and raining again, although is forecast to clear up a bit later on this afternoon.

    Does anyone actually make puff pastry anymore?! Too much faffing about, when bought is perfectly nice.

  3. I too am a fan of Delia and both my boys left home with a copy of the Delia bible. Fortunately, they both cook quite well. Which is reassuring as if I throw in the towel I know they can take over.

  4. Another Delia fan here!! Your blog yesterday has tempted me to have a go and although I like Delia's flaky pastry I was wondering about puff pastry so your entry today was very timely, thank you.

  5. Somehow missed your post this morning - probably because I am on Wordpress and the Blogger posts come through very slowly sometimes. I might have a go at these sausage rolls too to see if they are different in taste to the recipe I have (not even sure where it came from). By the time you read this you will have done all the clutter clearing and Christmas preps and probably sat down with a cuppa!

  6. Thanks, everyone. We think they are absolutely deliciousn and I hope you do too.
    Even Delia said she doesn't bother with puydd pastry so who are we to argue, eh?
    Viv - er - well - maybe a bit! :-)