Saturday 24 November 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Another chilly, dull start to the day out there but I've got what I need from the freezer in the shed so I can now warm up again.

After picking up my now fully functional hearing aid, I decided to have a stroll around the town.  I meandered down to John Lewis and found a beautifully soft, burgundy jumper, just my colour, looked at the price label and hastily returned it to the rack.  Ouch!
If I was at target weight, I might have considered it as an investment sort of thing, but not yet!

I consoled myself by finding some toggles to finish off the Aran cardigan and some navy gloves that were on my list.  I wore them home and they are very comfortable and cosy-warm.

I found a few hamper things in M&S, which was great.  I saw a few more items in other shope that I need to consider.  I can go back in another time - it's so easy on the bus.

Thyen I went to Morrisons to get some shopping for me and also some things for Beth.  After that, Beth arrived and we pottered around doing this, that and the other.  I spent the evening ironing and watching telly so that, at least, was profitable.

Today I have no definite plans although I notice I have written about a Christmas Market in town which I might look at (bus again - no parking worries!).  I know - going into town two days on the trot but hey, I'm retired and it's coming up to Christmas.  Any excuse.
Actually, I have just thought of a reason to go - I need more parchment and Morrisons didn't have any in testerday.  Lakeland, here I come!

After that, I'll probably fall asleep!  What a life, eh!


  1. Burgundy jumper = Christmas present! hint, hint ... ;-)

  2. Hang on to your wallet if you are making a foray into Lakeland

  3. Not at that price, Annabeth. But it was so lovely.

    I was very good, Diane, and only made one impulse buy - some merry festive Christmas pasta! It won't break the bank!


  4. Wilkos do the parchment paper too - not sure if you have one close by. I am envious that you live near to a John Lewis we have to make a special journey but can drive to 3 different ones - Sheffield, Cheadle or Trafford Park. Maybe it is better for our budget that they are not on our doorstep!!

  5. Funnily enough, Wilcos is very close by Lakelands, both in the centre of town. xx