Friday 2 November 2018


Good morning, everyone.  After a mild and extremely soggy day yesterday, the skies cleared overnight and we have another frost this morning.  This is how I remember early November from childhood - Bonfire Nights with hat, scarf, gloves and very cold toes!
Also that Autumnal smell - slightly smoky, a bit icy, sort of leafy . . . lovely!

Beth couldn't come over yesterday so we didn't go out for a sat nav/tom tom/whatever.  It will keep for another time; I'm not disappointed.  However, I did dodge the raindrops in order to get some more printer ink, as the printer was running out and I had resources to print.  I usually keep a spare but this time I had slipped up.

Tuition was great!  I love it when things sink in and there's that look of 'Oh, I get it now' on their face.  That's always given me a real buzz as a teacher and I may be retired now but some things don't change.

Taster night at Slimming World was good fun.  Lots of new things to try, some of which were really delicious!
Not so good was that I'd gained half a pound although this was not unexpected after last weekend.
I still weigh at home on Friday mornings because that's what I've done since before SW and I want to keep that going.  Different day, different time of day and according to my own weigh-in, I have lost a pound.
So I'm not disheartened at all.  Next week will be an all round down again, I am determined!

Today is a home based morning before I go to see my parents.  I have hair to wash, a pile of ironing (so I can watch some telly as I do so), a bit of housework and maybe a walk to Morrisons.

Should be good!  Hope yours is too.


  1. Wasn't yesterday a really horrible day. It only stopped raining here for about 15 minutes and was so dark and gloomy

  2. It was vile. I drew the curtains early just to shut it out. Thankfully, today looks a lot better so far.

  3. It's a cold frosty start to the day here but the sun is out and it isn't raining! I have another day at home waiting for the mahogany unit to be delivered and then, assuming there is enough light, I'd like to walk along the canal and take some photos ... it all depends on what time the unit is delivered.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend with your parents.

  4. I have often found that my weight drops the day after my weigh in. Yesterday I hit target, got my 4.5 stone award, and was also voted Miss Slinky. Now the hardest part begins; learning how to maintain it!
    We had glorious sunshine yesterday, which made a lovely change. It was my mum's 80th birthday so we went to a local garden centre for coffee and cake ( I ate half a custard tart - first pastry to have passed my lips this year!). She enjoyed herself as it was all decked out for Christmas.

  5. I love the pumpkins on your previous day's post, Joy!
    The Slimming World meeting sounds like fun! Nice that you get things to try.
    Have a good journey up to your Mum and Dad's and a lovely walk to Morrisons.
    The weather is very pleasant here, hot sunshine yesterday - lovely and chilly, perfect for November really.
    Take great care! Love,

  6. Scarlet, many, many congratulations to you! Three awards on one night is amazing, especially hitting target.
    Hi, S, lovely to hear from you. I hope you're well and thanks.

  7. Eileen, fingers crossed that the unit comes in time for you to have that walk.