Sunday 18 November 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's misty and moisty this morning - which reminds me of a rhyme I kmew as a child.

One misty, moisty, morning, 
When cloudy was the weather, 
There I met an old man
All clothed in leather, 
All clothed in leather, 
With a cap under his chin. 
How do you do? 
And how do you do? 
And how do you do again?

Do you remember it - I think it must have been a circle game of some kind?

Tomorrow is my Dad's 90th birthday so we are celebrating it today as I will be off after breakfast tomorrow.  It will be a very quiet celebration at Dad's request - just cards and a nice dinner.  To still have both my parents living till 90 is amazing really.

Apart from that, it will be a usual day - nothing out of the ordinary except that I will be cooking dad's favourite for dinner tonight - sirloin steak.  I hope I don't spoil it!

The connection problem is sorted.  It wasn't my laptop, it was Dad's end and he did a restart of the router after I realised my Kindle wasn't connecting either and he found that his laptop was having the same problems.  No idea what the problem actually was but it's sorted now.  Phew.

Have a good day, everyone.


  1. Enjoy your day of gentle celebration - my favourite kind. I hope your dad has a lovely day. It's meant to be sunny and bright here but it's still dark so I can't tell just yet if we'll get what has been forecast. X

  2. A very happy 90th birthday to your Dad. At his age he is entitled to have whatever kind of day he wants! Hope he enjoys his steak, cooked with love by his daughter.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad! How lovely to reach 90. My husband is 83 this coming week and, likewise, he doesn't want presents (although I'm sure our family will get him some!) And how lovely that he can use a laptop, too. So many elderlies give up on technology which is such a shame as they lose out today on so many offers and the good things - which are seldom mentioned - about the internet. Have a lovely Sunday, Joy.
    Margaret P

  4. Happy Birthday to your Dad.
    Enjoy the meal

  5. Happy birthday for your Dad and good luck with the steak

  6. A very happy 90th birthday to your Dad and best wishes. Good choice with the steak, sure it'll be delicious.

    My router has also failed for a period of about three weeks recently when I had to re-boot it a few times. It has settled down now but I have a feeling it might be on the way out and will need replacing soon rather than later.

    Hope the misty moisty will lift for you and the sun coming out as it is here.

  7. Happy 90th birthday to your dad! My dad was recently 75 but he has very poor health and definitely can't use a laptop or a mobile phone!!

  8. Happy birthday to your Dad and you’l do him proud with dinner, I’m sure.

  9. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

    I remember 'One misty, moisty, morning, when cloudy was the weather' as a nursery rhyme when you all shake hands at the 'how do you do' part. Oh, and the Steeleye Span song of course ... which I will be probably be singing all day now.

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments with all the birthday greetings for my Dad.
    Dad's always been into IT - Like me, he doesn't understand the finer points but he does like the freedom and usefulness of it all.
    Annabeth, your router sounds like mine was before it finally gave up the ghost. Maybe you will get a bit more wear out of it.
    The mist did clear and we had a beautiful, Autumnal day.