Thursday 22 November 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Another cold start to the day, inspiring more gratitude for adequate heating.  There's a good old frost out there at the moment but that should go before I need the car!

Well, I had a good time in town after handing in a non-functioning hearing aid to be looked at.
I found a Christmas jumper which is not fantastic but it is OK.  I also got a nice, warm, fluffy long cardigan, some Christmas socks, a scarf that goes nicely with my coat, hat and gloves and some new bras (yup - next size down).
It was nice - the sun was shining and everyone seemed happy and smiley.
The hearing aid is repaired now and I will pick it up tomorrow morning
And, to cap it all, my bus came along just as I got to the stop.

Tuition was great.  I like doing maths with year sixes - they use the proper terms for thing such as 'improper fraction' instead of 'top heavy fraction' and we went through the four 'rules' for fractions: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, with the little 'tricks' that can be used.  All jolly good fun.

Then it was off to governors' meeting which was a really good one.  Most enjoyable.

Today is equally busy!
This morning, Val is turning up and we are off to look round The Range, in Harlow.  It was recommended to me as having a good crafts area plus other stuff and it also has a cafe so we will have lunch there.  I'm not fond of driving in Harlow but where we are heading is right on the edge and is this side so I don't have to go through or round.
Then it is tuition and after that it's Slimming World and weigh-in. 
In-between times I need to do a bit of planning and also some tidying up and there seem to be little piles of clutter that keep growing.

It'll be a good day and I'm looking forward to it very much.  I hope your day is good too.


  1. It sounds like yesterday was a very productive day for you. I've managed to find myself a Christmas jumper too and I'm relieved it was inexpensive as I doubt I will be wearing it much. X

  2. So you too have a mess fairy. I have one too piles of mess just appear from nowhere and are nothing to do with me!!

  3. I love The Range, one of my favourite shops, and yes it does have a good craft section, sort of like a mini Hobbycraft. Sadly, ours doesn't have a café (perhaps it's just as well!!). Have a nice day, Joy.

  4. Well done, Jules. It's taken me a while - plenty of chpoice but I didn't like most of them. I think I'm getting fussy in my old age!

    I've always had an mess fairy. Witches and wizards have house elves and muggles like me have mess fairies!

    That sounds good, Sooze. I've never been to the Range so am looking forward to it a lot.

  5. My advice is to allow plenty of time when you go to the Range ... I speak from experience!

    Do we get a photo of the Christmas jumper please?

  6. I think my Christmas jumper is still OK for another year or two - it is the only time I wear red as it clashes with my hair!
    Have a good time at the Range x

  7. This is the first time I have bought one! It'd better last me out now. ;-)

  8. When you say a Christmas jumper do you mean a lovely jumper to wear on Christmas Day or one of those jumpers with reindeer and so forth on them? I will dress up on Christmas Day in a pretty dress, but it's not got anything remotely Christmassy on it, and it's not even holly green or berry red (mind you, if the company had made the dress in green or red, I think I'd have preferred it, but again, it's not an item for just one day.)
    Yes, The Range in our area has a good craft area - well, I think it is, there looks to be plenty of crafty stuff, but I'm not a crafts person so I'm perhaps not the person to judge on this. I've not made anything in my life except a mess, ha ha! If I want something making, I delegate this to Husband. Well, he was an engineer in his working life, he might as well put those skills to the test, eh? In fact, I delegate as much as I can. No point in having a dog and barking yourself, is there. Oh, I'm only joking. He's just far better at making things than I am!
    Top heavy fraction? Come again? What on earth is that kind of speak? Mind you, Maths not my subject either! I can't craft things, I don't do Maths ... yes, I know, Joy. Useless, ha ha!
    Margaret P

  9. Hi, Margaret!
    I meant a silly jumper although I have to admit I was eyeing up a subtle sparkly top the other day and might very well succumb before the season is upon us.
    The silly top is very much a seasonal thing although I will wear it several times - for our girls' get together, for both the Christmas meals and at other times too.
    A top heavy fraction is an improper fraction - a whole number and fraction converted to a fraction - so, for example, one and a quarter will be five over four.

  10. Oh dear, isn't "subtle sparkly" a contradiction in terms, Joy, ha ha!!! Go on, go and get it, girl! Be subtly-sparkly!!!
    Margaret P
    PS Thank you for explaining top-heavy fraction!