Wednesday 29 August 2018


Morning, everyone.  As forecast yesterday, it's raining right now (good - no need to water) but is expected to stop by around nine this morning.  It's not warm but not chilly, thankfully. 

Yesterday was quite busy.  It started off with tuition.  No, it started off with washing and pegging out clothes.  There's so much to do, I thought I'd better get an early start!  Then it was tuition which was fun.

After that I pegged out the washing in faith (justified) and set off to pick Alex up.  We posted some parcels for Beth and then sent off to Hylands.

Hylands is basically parkland with a rather lovely while neo-classical house that one can visit on certain days and which can be hired for weddings and so on.  It's not posh, doesn't have carefully sculptured gardens like Chatsworth, but it is very pleasant for a healthy stroll and a snack or meal in the Sables Cafe.  It's a popular place locally because both dogs and children can run and run and run and there's a super adventure playground type thing.  I really must go back again very soon - I don't make use of it nearly enough.

Al and I spent a very pleasant time strolling around, chatting about this and that.  I took some photos and you can see what I mean by 'not posh'.

There was the inevitable little lake with a duck island in the middle and some very sociable duck who came swimming up hopefully as we approached.  Sadly, we had no food for them but I bet they don't go hungry!  I love the sign asking visitors not to feed them on bread.

There are some nice little pathways and resting places.  Look at the dedication on the bench - I think that's just lovely.

And some more formal bits.

This church is on my list of churches to visit!

And Alex's lunch was delicious - chicken, bacon and avocado baguette.  I was good and brought fruit with me!

When I got home after dropping Alex off home, I had a surprise.  There was a box of flowers on the doormat - the kind in a box that can be posted through.  I got all excited wondering who was sending me flowers before I noticed that the address was mine but the name was not.  I didn't recognise the name at all but, as they were nonreturnable, I got them out, popped them in a vase with the 'reviving' stuff in the box and then contacted the company (the email was on the box).  It was quite important as they were a 40th birthday gift, one of a set of three monthly bouquets.  The company got back to me within the hour to let me know they had contacted the sender and would sort it out and please to enjoy the flowers.
As there was another card for the same person, separate and from someone else, I guess the wrong address has been handed around.  Such a shame for the birthday person but I shall enjoy the flowers - they are lovely.

That was the last excitement of the day.  Beth wasn't well and couldn't come round so I spent the evening ironing and totally forgot about watching Bake Off so I have that pleasure this evening.

Today's a quiet day.  Tuition first thing, then I intend to go swimming.  After that it's more washing and ironing and Bake-Off catch-up.  And, more than likely, a snooze late afternoon!


  1. How lovely to get unexpected flowers! Hopefully the birthday person got some too in the end. The last time we went on holiday for a week, my mother forgot we were on hols and sent me some lovely neighbour who looks after our house whilst we're away took them in and had the benefit of them.

  2. I do hope she did - or at least a promise of some.
    I understand how your neighbour felt - surprised, pleased and somewhat guilty!
    They are some of my favourite flowers - freesias, stock and sweet william.

  3. How lovely to find a surprise delivery of flowers, even if they weren't really intended for you - fresh flowers make a home so cheerful don't they.

  4. Indeed they do. I love to have a vase of flowers. Even better when they are free.