Monday 6 August 2018

All Saints, Hatfield Heath

On the way home from staying the weekend with ,my parents, I stopped off in Hatfield Heath to take a look at their little church.  There's not a lot of info about it, indicating that it's not 'interesting' in terms of historical building and artefacts but it looks pretty so I though it worth a look.

It's not easy to photograph, surrounded by trees in full leaf, but I managed to get a few nice views that confirm that it's is attractive.  It's quite popular for small weddings although it isn't a listed building.

This is what I did find on t'internet.
It's a comparatively new build, consecrated in 1859.  It is built of flint with chestnut wood shingles although in 1881 a wooden side chapel was replaced with a stone build chapel that is now a war memorial with chairs dedicated to each of the war dead.

The outside really is very pretty and has an octagonal spire that adds interest.

  The graveyard is well cared for and still used and can be approached from the main road beside a small church hall and also from the other side via a rustic gate/entrance.

The notice says that the door the other side is open and so it was, to my surprise.

The way in

One of the gravestones

It took me while to get oriented inside as it was extremely gloomy after the bright sunlight.  A small church that wouldn't hold many more than fifty worshippers but it had a really nice, friendly 'feel' to it.
(terrible light, terrible photo)

The rederos (see, I'm starting to pick up the vocabulary!) was a gift from the Broke family as thanksgiving for the safe return from the Boer War of their son.  Sadly, a later memorial marks the death of his son in WW2.
(and yes, I wanted to straighten the table cover which makes the photo look all squiffy)

There were some attractive stained glass windows but nothing particularly outstanding or of 'importance'.

And other bits and bobs.

So, worth a visit when I was going past but I'd have been disappointed if I made the journey specifically.   A lovely little village church to serve an attractive Essex village.

I have discovered that it is in a partnership with another church, St Mary's, at Sheering, which might be worth a look at some point as it is mentioned both in my books and online.


  1. You have more self control than me ... I'd have straightened that cloth! It's a very pretty little church, I don't think I've seen an octagonal spire before. Is that a stone pulpit?

  2. I think they are quite unusual and yes, it is a stone pulpit.

    I just thought knowing my luck it would all fall off!


  3. The spire is splendid. You can see the touch of many hands on the pulpit.

  4. Yes, you can. It had a good feel about it generally. I can away feeling happy.