Monday 6 August 2018


Good morning!  It's been an very hot weekend but I've been in the right place - there's nothing like a bit of air conditioning to make one comfortable.  I'm still with Mum and Dad but will be heading for home in a while.  I gather today will also be hot but there are signs that this spell of weather is breaking up and it should be much more moderate by the end of the week.  Hope so.

Depending on how hot it is, I might possibly stop off at Hatfield Heath and take a look at the church that stands to one side of the village green.  It's a small place and there seems to be very little information about it, meaning, presumably, that it is of no particular interest unless it is your local church but I'll take a look, seeing as I drive right past it.  All I've been able to find is that it was built in 1859 (presumably on the site of a much older building) and has an octagonal spire.  It is a pretty building that is popular for weddings.

Anyway, I may or may not but when I get home the whole house will need freshening up after being shut up over a very hot weekend so the first thing I will do it throw open all the windows and get the air moving with the fans while I inspect the garden!  After that it's unpacking time and I'll get some washing on.

I must go along to the allotment and give it a good watering.  I bet those pesky weeds are showing their heads again!  I'd like to dig up a few more potatoes as well.

So that's today.  I hope you have a good one.


  1. I hope the weather does break as promised. I'm off on holiday on Friday and could do with it being cooler. I don't even mind it raining, I just don't enjoy this relentless scorching heat.

    Safe journey home and hope the weeds aren't too bad.

  2. Glad you have had a good weekend with your parents, Joy. You must be much younger than me to still have parents to visit, so that's lovely for you. My Mum died in 2000 and I still miss her, she was great company and we had such laughs together. Do yours live very far away? I can't remember exactly where you are, or where they are. Don't say, of course, if you'd rather not.
    I hope your house will soon feel 'aired' after being closed for a couple of days during this stifling weather. And that no plants have given up the ghost on your allotment. There is a lovely little book - I'm sure you know about it - by Shire books on the history of allotments. I'm a great Shire books fan and have over 300 of them. Fortunately, being slender, they don't take up much shelf space.
    We have ONE tomato ripening … hope it's not nasty inside like the first two were!
    Margaret P

  3. I have a list of jobs outside waiting for cooler weather so despite loving the heat a few days without sweltering would be good.
    Hope the weeds haven't taken over

  4. Eileen, It's the relentlessness of it that is hard to cope with, I agree. A bit of heat is OK but when it goes on and on and on. I suppose usually we are spoilt even thought we do grumble a lot - just imagine if it was how it is in Spain and Portugal right now.
    Let's not discuss the weeds right now, eh? :-)

    Margaret, I'm 66 so yes, a bit younger. Also my parents are touching 90 - Mum is 90 and Dad will be later on this year. Amazingly, I have never heard of 'Shire' books; do tell me more. Fingers crossed for the tomato. I've just picked about fifteen but they are cherry type so one mouthful per fruit. I hope yours will be better than previously.

    Sue, outdoor tasks are really not a pleasure when it is so very hot, are they. I will be allotmenting later when hopefully, the heat will have subsided a bit. In the evening, our patch is in shade which will help. Must remember to take my camera. I keep forgetting!