Sunday 19 August 2018


Good morning!

I was looking back to last Wednesday's post to remember when life broke off for a short time.  It looks like I have a while pile of veg to use and I hope the picked tomatoes haven't started rotting in the bowl.  I also hope Beth has been picking the baby corn over the weekend.

I never did get to Sainsbury's to look at the clothes sale but I'm not too bothered about that.  After all, I have plenty to wear so maybe I have been saved from myself.

I have no idea what the bp is now - I didn't bring my monitor with me.  Hopefully, in a few days, it will have settled.  I don't expect it to be as low right now because Dad had wine.  Oh, dear!  Oh, deary, deary me!  < grin >.

Obviously, I haven't been swimming since last Wednesday but I have pencilled in a few sessions this coming week, all being well.

Thank you all very much yet again for your lovely comments and best wishes for Dad.  I don't know what sort of night he has had yet but am hoping that it was a good one.  He had three small meals yesterday and plain biscuits and rehydration drink between the meals and everything stayed put so I am, really hoping he feels stronger today with some good food inside him.  Last night, for example, he had cottage pie and runner beans and then apple and blackberry crumble with custard.  All small portions but even so . . .

As a lot of you mentioned, he is tough and a real fighter and, while he is unlikely to bouncing on a trampoline much, I'll be surprised if he isn't much, much better this morning.

Assuming that to be so, I may be going home today.  There's plenty to do.  I want to check the allotment, pick from the garden, sort out the bins which are likely to be smelly by now (I forgot to empty them, leaving in such a hurry) and there's washing, drying and ironing.  I'd also like to get everything prepared for the bit of tuition I still do.  They're my 11+ students and we're on to timed practice papers now so prep isn't too difficult.  I just need to ensure I know how to explain any problems and note any pointers for exam techniques.  They're really enjoying it all which makes the whole thing a great pleasure.

Well, I'd better get started on the day's activities.  I'm sure it will go well, whatever happens.  I hope you have a good'un too.


  1. I hope that your father is significantly better this morning Joy

  2. Yes, I hope your father is much improved, too, Joy. We don't particularly care for wine, so that's no problem even if we are given a bottle - it hangs around in the cupboard for ages and eventually we open it and are, again, disappointed with it, even what is supposed to be good stuff. Much prefer an ice cold G&T.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
    Margaret P

  3. He's ever so much better, thanks, Sue. I'm home now. He just needs to get some strength back and as he is eating properly, that will soon be the case. He is shocked at how much it knocked the stuffing out of him.

    Margaret, wine is a favourite drink and Dad always has some in a box so it keeps for ages. Just as well I don't live there, isn't it? A G&T is a good substitute, mind you. I had a few of them too. ;-)


  4. Oh Joy, I’m sorry to see your Dad had been I’ll but glad to see you say he’s feeling better x