Friday 10 August 2018


Good morning, all!  Well, what a change in the weather yesterday.  At first BBC weather said sunny with light showers.  That turned into 'heavy rain; and so it stayed all day  Perfect for the garden and the allotment and it's is so gorgeous and cool now.   Everything looks so much greener and happier again.  It wasn't enough rain, of course, we need several days of it to really soak the ground, but it will certainly have helped

Of course, it meant that Alex and I cancelled our trip to Hyde Hall as it would not have been fun in the rain.  We might go today and it looks much more hopeful; cool and fresh, sunny blue sky, just perfect..

Instead, I did a small shop for some essential items and got the ironing done earlier than planned.  I'd have had a swim but I hadn't washed my swimwear, thinking I wouldn't need it yesterday.  Never mind, maybe it was wet enough anyway!

So today it should be Hyde Hall, providing Alex can get up in time and make his way over.  If not, no problem, he doesn't have to be back at uni until the end of September.  There's plenty of time.  No need to worry about the allotment although I may just pop down later, note pad and pen at the ready to make a list of next week's jobs.  Also to pick, of course.

Well, better get started or I won't get finished.  Have a lovely day.


  1. We were fortunate with another beautiful day yesterday, so we spent it at the beach. I'm noticing a slight change in the air and am making the most of the warm weather while it lasts. X

  2. Ah the joys of long, and necessary, lay-ins, long passed but sweet memories ....;-)

  3. Lovely to spend a day at the seaside, Jules. It's the perfect place on these hot days, with the cooler sea breezes to refresh.

    Annabeth - indeed. lol We all did it at their age. :-)



  4. As we have car probs, we are not going anywhere fast today (car in garage being ministered to!) and computer man calling later (nothing to do with the car!) because with a new Talk Talk modem in operation, printer refuses to work; they're not 'speaking' to each other, i.e. my PC and my printer. Oh, don't you love technology.
    Also I want to reverse my option for extra channels on Talk Talk - how is buying them so easy and cancelling so difficult? Faffed around with the Talk Talk website for ages but will get my computer man to help with this, too.
    Similarly, had problems with GP's website which left me equally frustrated as things (well, so it appeared) hadn't been explained clearly enough about re-registering.
    So at the moment it's Technology 1 - Margaret 0.
    Margaret P

  5. More rain here this afternoon so 2 nights without watering the outside stuff..............That's the first time since I planted them I think.
    Hope you got where you wanted to go without rain

  6. Did you manage to get to Hyde Hall? I posted this morning but the post disappeared along with my blooming internet, grrr!

    Funnily enough, I've never been one for having a lie in, even as a teenager.

  7. Margaret: The really don't make it easy, do they? I wonder how much of it is trying to put us off using technology and how much is because the systems are designed by whizz-types who cannot see how anyone could possibly find it difficult or bewildering!
    Good luck with the car and with the technology.

    Sue and Sooze: yes, we had rain too but not until the afternoon so we had our visit to Hyde Hall with only a few spots of rain until the end. It was lovely.
    And no need to water the allotment for a few more days! Good, isn't it!