Friday, 1 September 2017

Friday (and a new month)

Pinch and punch
For the first of the month.

There, that's the traditional bit over and done with.  Happy September to us all!

I love September.  It is often warm and sunny but with cooler mornings, evenings and nights so snuggling under the quilt is a cosy option.  The leaves are changing colour, the garden is closing down a bit, the grass stops growing quite so much and there's that indefinable, slightly smoky aroma mornings and evenings.  I just love it!

I also love (don't hit me) that C****t**s isn't too far away and I can start the planning and preparation.  It's all such fun.

The new school year starts today.  Sensibly, many schools take today as a training day.  How stupid to start the new school year on a Friday.
I'm thinking of my colleagues - sorry, I mean ex-colleagues - and can picture them as they go through the day.  I hope it goes well and that it's a helpful day for you all.

The weather forecast looks good for today.  Cool start, nice, warm sunshine, showers overnight.  Sounds perfect to me!


  1. We always say "White rabbits" on the first of the month. I have no idea why but my mother used to say it when I was a child and I just followed on!


  2. In one of the wonderful Miss Read books, she says 'White rabbits' because it is May 1st so I have always associated it with May only. I love these old traditions! Must look this one up on Google