Saturday 2 September 2017

Saturday and some Friday Happies

Good morning, everyone.  Yesterday, first day back to school, was a lovely day.  Bright and sunny and with some warmth, especially in the afternoon.

It cheered me up no end.

On Fridays - not every Friday but maybe once a fortnight - I post my Friday Happies on Facebook.  It's just a list of things that have made me happy.  There's enough doom and gloom in the world right now and Facebook can be a hotbed of woe so, really, the happies are my tiny attempt to counter balance that by focusing on the good things in my life.

Yesterday, someone suggested that I should have a happies blog which I liked the idea of (terrible sentence structure, sorry) and, seeing as I already have a blog, I decided to post them here rather than start yet another blog.  In fact, I don't know why I didn't think of it myself!

So here's what I posted . . .

Time for some Happies!
Still having to look for them but they are there, definitely there, lots of them!
In no particular order . . .

1. Loving my new bread book - not new-new but but new to me. I shall be working through most of the recipes and have done the first two this week. Delicious!

2. The NHS takes a lot of knocks but, when the chips are really down, it is a treasure. I'm happy about that.

3. Still getting runner beans and tomatoes at home, plus a few strawberries.

4. I'm starting to think that it is almost time to explore the contents of one of the potato growing bags.

5. The lovely Sharon Kelly has worked her usual magic and I feel less like a walking haystack now. She's a star.

6. Jackie will like this one. At long last, finally, I have got round to sending off for my bus pass! It's only taken two years, after all! Can you hear Jackie cheering? I can!

7. I'm nicking this from Beth's happies last week - Thank goodness for a family that supports each other and pulls together through good and bad times. Such a blessing.

8. Some good news about a family visit.

9. Some beautiful weather over the Bank Holiday weekend (for once) followed by plenty of rain for the garden/allotment. And some very autumnal mornings and evenings. I love them!

10. Such lovely, kind neighbours (you know whom you are and thank you)

and one for luck

11. All the best to those back to school, whether they are teachers, other school staff or pupils. Have a great day and I hope the holiday has been just what you wanted it to be. My happy? Well, what do you think!!! 

What are your happies for this week?


  1. You are so right there is so much misery it's nice to read some happy things. I have largely given up watching the news as it so depressing.

  2. Ditto, Diane. It means I don't know but at least it doesn't get me down. And what will be, will be whether I watch the news or not.
    J x