Monday 25 September 2017


Good morning, everyone.  No idea of the weather; it's so dark out in the country round here but it doesn't look as if it's been raining so fingers crossed for today.

There are times when I'd love to be able to sleep later and you'd think that being on holiday is one of them but it isn't really.  As most of the 'places to visit' round here don't open until around eleven, that gives me a lovely, long, leisurely morning without any of the usual conscience poking duties such as kitchen cleaning, living room tidying, etc.  Well, OK, the living room section is a bit of a mess but that's because it's so small and two minutes will sort it out fine so it's not an issue.

We had some sun yesterday.  I set off for coffee with J, an 'old' FirstClass friend, in glorious sunshine.  I took the car because I was going on from there, backed lunch on the passenger seat, feeling a bit nervous.  You can get on extremely well with people online but face to face is a different matter.  Fortunately, we 'clicked' well and had no trouble filling the coffee time with catch-up and general chit-chat.  We'll meet up again when I come back next year and maybe have lunch together.

Baslow green (with the coffee shop behind me) - lovely and sunny.

Then it was off to the Snake Pass.  I approached it via Glossop and, as I remembered from last time, the views and scenery are stunning.  As I climbed higher and higher, the fields gave way to trees and the trees to moorland, heather and exposed rocky crags.  It was quite chilly too!
It is said that the Snake Pass is quite a dangerous road with a comparatively high accident rate and I can see why.  I drove slowly, pulling in when possible to let the cars behind pass, partly because I felt it was safer and partly because I wanted to enjoy the sights.
On the way back I saw Hathersage twice, once approaching from the west and then approaching from the east!  Ooops.  That's when the Sat Nav came in useful.

I didn't take many photos - all the good viewing places were already full.  Never mind, I have memories.

A rather misty view down into Glossop near the start of the drive.

By the time I got back, the sun had gone and I was feeling quite chilly so on went the kettle, on went the fire and out came the Sunday Times.  Bliss.

Then I made my Sunday roast dinner which was very tasty.  As I did this, I was thinking of this whole 'frugal' thing and realised that, although getting my food from the Farm Shop is pretty 'ouch', I could be buying lunches out and eating out in the evenings too and I'm not.  Picnic lunches and home cooked dinners make it much better value with the advantage of it being what I want to do as well.  Not frugal but better than it could be.

Today is all organised so fingers crossed.  Firstly I intend to visit Caudwell's Mill and Craft Centre.  Beth recommended this to me and I'm looking forward to it.  I want to buy some of the mill's bread flour and have a good look at the glass shop and the wood carving shop.  I can't promise any souvenirs as I gather items are very costly, but you never know - a little wooden owl would be perfect.  Must remember to take a shopping bag with me.

Borrowed from Google until I have my own photos!

Then it will be on to Haddon Hall which is just a bit further down the road and round the corner.  Now, I love Haddon Hall and so look forward to a gentle saunter round, eating my packed lunch in the gardens, weather permitting.  On the way back I shall stop off at The Shop to get something for dinner.  Sausages, maybe - they had a huge (and I mean HUGE) selection of sausages - plus some bacon for breakfast and a few other bits and bobs.  Yesterday was alcohol free so . . .

As it is now a week day, I will have to remember to avoid coming back here between about quarter to three and half past three as parents will be picking up their children.  They're not being lazy, it's just that a lot of the children live outside of the village so need to be driven in.  I must get a photo of the school as it is a delightful building but not in school hours.  Nowadays, that sort of thing is frowned upon and I have no wish  for a member of staff to come running out to ask what I'm doing.

I'd better start thinking of washing and getting dressed, I suppose.  It's getting light, I have peeked out and, oh, dear, it is raining and the clouds are low.  Never mind, a little bit rain never stopped anyone from having a good time when they are determined to enjoy life, did it?  Have a great day.

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