Friday 15 September 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's Friday, last day of the working week for most and with the weekend before us.  At the moment it's crisp, clear and cold outside but it will probably warm up soon enough.  Yesterday was a real mixed bag - first fine, then lashing with rain, especially (of course) at the end of school when all the parents were waiting in the playground.

Thankfully, the car got through its MOT without any hassles or issues so that's it for the year.  Road tax comes at a different time, for which I am duly thankful, although it's not a huge amount of money nowadays.

I set to and made the tea loaf and another batch of shortbread, the first batch having mysteriously shrunk somewhat.  Strange that!

That's about it really.  A much 'smaller' day but still very pleasant as today will be too, I'm sure.  And now I'd better start living it!

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