Tuesday 19 September 2017


Morning, everyone.  I overslept just a bit this morning, waking at six, which was rather nice.  The heating had clicked on so it felt cosy but means it must be quite chilly out there.  It's obviously been raining, the wind is blowing and I am glad to be snug and warm inside with no need to go out whatsoever.

I have nice warm toes too.  I do have slippers but am not terribly fond of wearing them really and they are getting old.  The pair I bought to replace them didn't fit comfortably at all and I haven't really worn them.
So I invested in some sock-slippers (or do I mean slipper-socks).  In other words, socks that have a non slip sole and a nice fluffy turn over at the top and could pass for slippers.  They're snug and cosy, soft and fluffy inside and easy to walk in and I love them.

My printer certainly took a battering yesterday.  I completely sorted out my route to the Peaks yesterday including enlarged printouts of any tricky bits and I even 'drove' the roads up there using Google road view.  How did neurotic route finders like me ever cope before Google was born, eh?

It did help though.  I am sure there's some deep, psychological reason but I have a real fear of getting lost in the car.  I tell myself I'm not lost, I just don't know where I am for a while and I know the sat nav will give me clear instructions once it stops trying to get me onto the M1 but it doesn't help the fear much.  What has helped is seeing that some tricky looking junctions are traffic light controlled and that there are very clear road markings too.  I will laugh at myself once I am there, I know I will.

This looked horrible on the map but perfectly manageable now I've seen it!  Just a shame the roads don't REALLY have their names marked on the surface in large, white lettering!

Today is gathering things together day.  All the bits and bobs I am taking will find their way to one place in the living room, all the clothes I am taking will be washed and ironed (if necessary),stacked up and I will wear rags until Friday.  I will top up with petrol.  I might even be very good and clean out the car, you never know.

All part of the fun!

I made a really nice crumble on Sunday.  Mind you, it is hard to make a crumble that isn't nice, isn't it?  This was strawberry and apple.  The strawberries were leftovers from the day before and the apple was an old eater that was looking wrinkled and unappetising.  The topping was a plain and simple basic one: butter, flour and sugar.  So tasty!

I'd better stop now.  I need to do some Facebook adminning and then start the day's work.  That should keep me warm, even if the heating didn't!
Have a great day.

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