Saturday, 23 September 2017

Brrrrr . . .

It's a bit damp and a bit chilly and ever so dull so thank goodness for this.

Saturday paper, hot cuppa tea and the fire (fan heater tarted up really) on.
This is the life.


  1. Looks very inviting, glad you're warm.. enjoy your break away.

  2. Thanks, Chris. So far it is great - and Strictly starts this evening. What more could I ask for?
    J x

  3. That looks cosy.

    It was a good show, some nice surprises and some real clodhoppers but fun. I expect they'll all improve.

    I see Diane is having a great time!

  4. It was very warm and cosy - a very pleasant evening, in fact.
    I thought it was really good for a first show and I like the new judge. It's going to be good this year, I think. Looking forward to 'It Takes Two' as well.
    I'm glad Diane is having such a good time - she deserves it.
    J x