Wednesday 20 September 2017


Good morning!  It's chilly (socks and dressing gown chilly) and dark and lovely and peaceful.  It's almost officially autumn now, summer is past, but I want good weather for next week!

I dashed into town to the bank after seeing a payment that I thought I didn't authorise - but it turned out that I did.  How embarrassing is that?  Never mind, I did the few bits and bobs I had been intending to do this morning, including withdrawing my holiday spending money that I moved over from savings, so that's OK.

I went into Foyles and found a lovely little AA book of the Peak District so it will be my constant companion next week.  I also got some deep fitted sheets for my parents, John Lewis being one of the few shops that sell them at a reasonable price.

Things are nearly ready now.  I have to prep the guest room and get a few things in, finish my piles of stuff I am taking and keep the house tidy.  That's about it really, apart from planning the tuition for the first week in October.

Should be a nice day!


  1. I have just found your blog and read back a bit. Jumped to your first few posts to read you were meeting a friend at the Magic Mushroom, until 4 months ago we lived just a mile from there in Billericay, in fact I had lived in Billericay for 48 years, but at age 74 decided to move here, in Suffolk! It's beautiful here and quiet, we are loving it although we are having things done to the house and I have an arm problem for which I am due another op. at the London Ortho. Hospital in a couple of weeks time. I too am a retired teacher and have to admit I love being retired. Hope you have a great break in the Lake District and the cottage will be warm and comfy. Looking forward to hearing about your holiday when you get back. I have two blogs, one was my craft one but sadly neglected as my crafting has been limited with this broken arm and my newsy blog.

  2. Hi, Sue, thank you for reading and posting. I've found your blog and will have a good read through: thanks for sending the link.
    I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble with your arm. Fingers crossed they manage to sort it out.
    Where did you teach? In Billericay?
    J x