Monday 4 September 2017


Up very early again and it is dark outside.  It's warm inside though, definitely not a dressing-gown-and-slippers start to the day.  Warm and cosy.

I got loads done yesterday.  Two loaves of my usual granary bread for a friend, shortbread biscuits (delicious), prepped loads of tomatoes (into boiling water so the skins just slip off) and runner beans - both for the freezer, had two people for coffee (separately and no biscuits left now), took a tour of the allotment with Beth and discussed what we need to do next and finished the ironing.  And had a few snoozes as well.  Plus other bits and bobs.

I don't know what they were spreading on the fields but yesterday afternoon I was forced to close the windows as there was a most unpleasant pong.  Not the usual 'healthy country air' sort of pong, something a lot nastier that made 'airing' the house a very definite no-no.
It's gone now, thank goodness.

I know it's very early but I have an early start so I will make this short and sweet.  Good luck for the new school year to all my friend, young and not-so-young and, everyone, have a splendid day!


  1. your pong was probably pig slurry which they spread on the fields but boy does it hum.

  2. The local consensus is that it was chicken poo. :-)
    J x